Friday, July 15, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things

To say that the last 6 years of my life in the UK have been brilliant will be a major understatement. I have spent the best days of my life there , eaten some of the best  food  in the world  and seen so  many beautiful places not only in UK but all throughout Europe that I truely consider myself to be very lucky.

 Having now moved to India and after spending the last 3 months here in my hometown, in all honesty I will have to say that very often it is only my physical presense that is here whereas in my mind I am miles away in my UK home. And believe me it does not take much to trigger off  memories of beautiful days spent  there. It can be anything like a jar of peanut butter,  or tea made with tea bags and a hot water kettle, or seeing iceberg lettuce in some store or simply a pair of socks I bought at Wimbledon. It makes me long to go back. I know this was to happen . It is not an easy transtion and I need to give myself time ,but I cannot dodge that feeling of melancholy that takes over for some time, until I make a very conscious effort to drive it away by distracting myself  into something else. But at other times I don't want to let go of the memories and what I do then is open my drawer of little treasures that I have collected over the years. Today I want to share a few with you: And here they are:


I bought these Little Elf Bowls in TK Maxx last Christmas. I absolutely did not need these but I just fell in love with them. I am sure I will put them to good use.

Salad Hands

These Salad Hands are simply too good. They are marvellous to use to serve salads of all kinds. Those of you familiar with Sainsbury's will know the brand TU that you can see on the tag


This little wall piece I bought as a gift for someone ,but eventually could not bear to part with it. Bought it from Little Timbers , a gorgeous little shop selling all kinds of wooden artefacts with funny things written on them. It now hangs happily on my kitchen wall in India.

Foodie Postcards

One of favourite shops in UK was The Works where I always found some or the other good bargain. These cute postcards will soon be framd to put up in my new home

These are a few of my favourite things.

These cute magnetic fridge pegs are for those important reminders that need to be there on the fridge all the time staring you in the eye so you do not forget. These are of course from the Kath Kidston Collection and I bought these on my way back on the airport.
The plan is to bring UK into my Indian home with these small but special  personal touches. They make me feel good and bring back lovely memories of some of the best days of my life. Feels good to share them with you all :))


Unknown said...

Hey Anupama ! So nice of you to share your experience ....I live in the US and I can totally relate to your emotions..I am happy you are back in India..for me, living outside India gives you a fresh perspective about everything in life which enriches your life beyond imagination.I also hope some day I will go to India and read your blog from there!


Divya Vikram said...

Cute little things. I can so very much relate to your experiences. I live in the US and have plans to move back to india next year and sure it is going to be a different experience.

plastikiniai langai said...

its is nice, so sweet!