Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Delicious Chicken Wraps (Like they say"No one can eat just one")

Tortilla Wraps

I am a cook of varying moods. I guess we all are to some extent. What I cook each day is to some extent ruled by my mood on that particular day. Many people get the impression that because I run a food blog I am completely besotted by cooking and the kitchen. But that's not always true.
I have also read and heard people say that cooking is relaxing. Not for me. It can be very exhausting at times .I feel cooking can be relaxing only if you do it once in a while. It also depends on where you are when you are cooking. For eg: cooking in the UK where the weather is mostly cool is OK. It does not make you all hot and flushed. But I have also cooked in Pune and Mumbai where the temperatures are soaring quite often and cooking is the last thing you want to do in such weather . And that too Indian cooking which has you standing at the hob for at least an hour doing all the stirring and frying and rolling out piles and piles of chapatis. Not a thing I relish always.

So when I have one "I don't want to cooking moods" what do I do? Well , the answer to that is not always easy. Sometimes I have to go through the entire rigmarole because that's the healthiest option for everyone in the family. But not to worry , there are other healthy options as well . And this dish today always comes up trumps with my family. There is minimum fuss with maximum taste and you don't even have to switch on the gas if you have shop bought cooked chicken.

What you need is:
For 4 people:

8 tortilla wraps (I buy "wheat and white")
approx 3 cups cooked chicken (shredded)
3 grated carrots
lots of fresh crisp lettuce
hot peri peri sauce (or any other hot sauce)
grated cheddar cheese

First spread generous amounts of hummous on a wrap
Next spread the shredded chicken,
Top this with grated carrot and crispy lettuce
Dot it with hot peri peri sauce and sprinkle the grated cheddar last
Roll up the tortilla tightly and cut into 3 or 4 pieces to make it easier to eat.

There you have a healthy and hearty meal ready without having to toil over the cooker hob for hours. If you wish have your favourite soup along with it (that too a canned one ) to make the meal even more filling. You can replace the chicken with canned tuna or mackerel and vegetarians can replace the chicken with paneer.



Happy cook said...

Wish i had few of them. Wraps looks so inviting and delicious.

Aparna Rao said...

The rolls look great....

mitr_bayarea said...

good wraps....

Soma said...

great wraps. What a great party dish. I loved the use of hummus!

zobars said...

Hi Anupama,
No new dish since a long time. Hope all is well. Can't wait for what you have in store for V day.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is my fav. Looks so good. Nice recipe. YUM!

Quick Dessert Recipes said...

Wow, looks great and tasty. Can't wait to try it!

Care to link me?


Ranjani said...

Wow! They look inviting!

Smitha said...

I love wraps and have made similar ones often. But your pics show perfect execution. Awesome!

meeso said...

I think 5 of the 7 days out of the week I don't really feel like cooking... I would rather make something that takes no more than 30 minutes from start to finish... Then there are those couple days that I can spend hours making a dinner... But I wouldn't want to do that every night! The wraps are a great idea for the quick nights! It's still really healthy and tasty... Yours sound awesome!

mona said...

They look the perfect finger food. nice clicks!

Shane Stevens said...

One of the best gourmet foods out there and I love it.