Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Quick Coffee Cake in a Microwave

Coffee Cake Anyone?

For past few days hubby and son keep craving something sweet after meals. I mean my son has always favoured sweet more than spicy but hubby dear is going even further and asking for desserts everyday. It's quite unusual for him. It's probably all the Christmassy ads on TV showing all different kinds of yummy desserts that is causing these cravings. It's also maybe because it's winter it really feels nice to tuck into a hot dessert after dinner while sitting warm and cozy in front of the telly.

So I just went out and bought a few ready to eat desserts that can be like warmed up in the microwave for a few seconds. But then I also browsed the internet for some easy to make desserts and came across some pretty good stuff. What caught my eye this time was this very fast to make Coffee Cake that can be baked in 5 mins flat in the microwave. I am great fan of "coffee anything" and immediately got down to making it.

Iced Coffee Cake

There was also a butter frosting in the recipe and I had my usual doubts about it. I love frosting in moderation as long as it is not very very sweet and does not completely overpower the original taste of the cake. But I went ahead and made it anyway. I am glad I did. The coffee flavoured butter icing was delicious. It really enhanced the taste of the entire cake and the cake tasted even better the next day. This recipe makes a lot of batter so I made 2 cakes instead of one large one

Here's the recipe:
Preapare two microwave proof dishes by greasing with butter and dusting them with flour.

225 gms or 1 cup salted butter (butter has to be really soft at room temp)
225 gms or 1 cup sugar
225 gms or 2 cups plain flour
5 eggs (also at room temp)
45 ml or 3 tblspns coffee essence
1 tblspn cocoa powder (this was my addition to the recipe as coffee and cocoa really enhance each other
1 tspn baking powder

For the frosting:
2 tblspns coffee essence
1 tblspn instant coffee dissolved in 2 tblspns on water ( this is also something I added to the recipe to the make the frosting brown in colour)
175 gms butter
150 gms icing sugar


  • Beat the butter and sugar together until really soft and light.
  • Add to this the eggs one by one beating well after adding each egg
  • Add the coffee essence and cocoa powder next and stir in well
  • In another bowl sieve the flour and baking powder together
  • Slowly fold in the flour completely and evenly into the wet mixture. Do not over mix.
  • Pour the mixture equally into the 2 bowls and bake one at a time in the microwave at full power for 5 mins.
  • Let the cakes rest for another 4 /5 minutes.
  • A cocktail stick inserted should come out dry.
  • Wait for the cakes to cool completely before turning them out and icing them.
    Microwave Coffee Cake

    For the frosting mix all the ingredients and smooth the frosting over the cake . To get best results use a palette knife (which I do not have). I used the star nozzle to decorate the borders.

I think this is a good cake to make for the Christmas holidays


Usha said...

Looks fantastic, and amazing that this was baked in the microwave :-)

Happy cook said...

Wow you made these in MW. Amazing. I have never ever done anything with MW.

Namratha said...

5 minutes...wow that's quick!!! What kind of dishes did you use? Good one!

zobars said...

Wow what an idea and quick too. I am going to try it soon.

Foodista said...

I cant believe that came out of the microwave! Ill have to try that one as well :)

Jayashree Mudaliar said...

Anupama, the cake looks fabulous!!!You've done a good job on the icing..

I have something for you @ www.cookingepisodes.blogspot.com

Tessa said...

I have just moved in to a new home and dont have a stove/oven yet and its my mans birthday so I wanted to bake him a cake

I came across your recipe and it sounded great, so have just made it and will ice and decorate it in the morning and will
let you know how it all goes. It smells great so far.

I will post a blog on my website once its done and will send you a link if thats ok and you can see how it came out
bye for now Tessa
Auckland New Zealand

Rekha said...

Hey, this cake looks fantastic...... wish i cud grab a bite now!

Rashmi said...

Baked this cake and was fantastic.Reduced all qtys to half of recipe. Changes I made: used little less than 1 tsp baking powder(did not reduce much), and 3 eggs. Left it in the m/wave for more than the recommended 5 min and feel it would be better to stick to 5 min. Cake looked and tasted fabulous.(Did not ice).

Rashmi said...

Forgot to add that I used unsalted butter and the cake was lovely so maybe either salted/unsalted could be used

Samjeeta said...

do i have to bake the coffee cake in convection mode in microwave?