Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Layers of Chocolate Delight (For a sweet Christmas)

Very Quick Chocolate Pud

A very warm Hello after a long time. I believe we all need all the warmth we can get in this cold cold weather. My long break this time is due to the fact that my broadband connection was cut off and I could not access the internet for quite some time. But all is fixed now I am back. While I was away from blogging I did do a couple interesting things that I would love to share with you all.

I sold my first cake ever . Yesss ! I did. It was at the Christmas Bazaar in my son's school that I got the opportunity to do so. They had a cake stall at the bazaar and I made a Banana Cake. I was very happy .

And secondly I gave my first ever cooking lesson. OK maybe calling it a cooking lesson will be an exaggeration, as it involved only showing a friend how to prepare some Indian dishes. But all the same I did prepare for it very thoroughly. I showed her Chana Bhatura and Paneer Tikka . The Paneer Tikka will soon feature on Food-n-more. I really enjoyed doing it.

So doing these two things in the last 2 weeks has given me great joy. Today I am going to share with you another dish that I tried out a couple of days back for the first time.It's a very quick Chocolate Pudding. I saw this one on TV . It's a dessert that has maximum flavour with minimum efforts and ingredients. It's simply delicious and with the Christmas holidays coming up, it's the thing to make.

Layers of Chocolate Delight


200 gms dark chocolate,

200 gms double cream,

250 gms ready to eat custard,

one small plain sponge cake coarsely crumbled (or any other plain cake),


  • Place a heat proof glass bowl over a saucepan with simmering water, break the chocolate into small pieces, place these in the bowl and melt the chocolate slowly. Take care that the water in the saucepan is just simmering and not boiling. Also the base of the glass bowl should not touch the water.
  • After the chocolate has melted set it aside and let it cool down.

  • In another bowl whip the double cream until it has soft peaks,

  • When the chocolate cools add the chocolate to the whipped cream and fold it in gently.

  • Next add to this the custard and again mix it in gently. This mixture has the same consistency as that of a mousse. And it's delicious to eat even at this stage. But let's take it a step further .

  • I used ordinary glasses to serve this pudding. In the bottom of the glass first put a layer a layer of the chocolate mousse, then a layer of crumbled cake and then again a layer of mousse and continue alternating these layers till you come to the top. at this stage chill the pudding well . When serving decorate the top with a big dollop of whipped cream and grate a bit of chocolate for a special touch.

Believe me your guests will be asking for seconds. I am now going over with this delicious treat to Tasty Treats where JZ of Tasty Treats is hosting Santa's Holiday Challenge, a fabulous Christmas Event which will showcase all kinds of delicious Christmas Sweet Treats.


JZ @ Tasty treats said...

anupama, that sure looks rich and decadent!! wish i could have a glassful! yumm!

thanks for sending it to my event! wishing you the best..HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

zobars said...

Hey Anupama,
Glad to have you back. I was wondering that how come she has not posted any sweet treats for christmas. I am waiting for your Paneer Tikka recipe. I was also wondering if you can use Heavy Whipping cream since I don't if double cream is available here in the US. also do you thing I can make my own custard since we don't eat gelatin ?? Thanks

Anupama said...

Hey JZ, I love participating in events like yours so the pleasure is all mine.

Zobars, I think Heavy cream is the same as double cream, so no problem there and ofcourse you can make your own custard. It will turn out even more delicious.

Usha said...

Wow this chocolate delight definitely sounds like something I would be delighted to have any time:-)

meeso said...

That does look like a great Christmas dessert, YUM!

Gayathri Gopinath said...

Hi Anupama
First time here, you have a wonderful blog and yummy recipes.

zobars said...

Hi Anupama,
are you still having computer problems or are you busy ?? i was wondering what happened. hope all is well and you had a good new year.