Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mini Egg Rolls (Perfect for the school lunch box)

Mini Egg Rolls

It's been quite a few months since I shared any lunch box ideas so when I made these mini egg rolls for my son I knew they would make an appearance on my blog. But what put me into action sooner was my 6 year old . He had the egg rolls at school and liked them so much that when I asked him if he had enjoyed his lunch ,he said" Aai they were so good , you must put them on your blog".

So here they are. Basically a sandwich but put together in a more interesting way. I occasionally buy these cute little wholewheat rolls in a pack of 6 from M&S. They are healthy no doubt as they are not only wholewheat but also seeded and secondly just the correct size for little hands to hold. Plus they appeal tremendously to children as avery welcome change from the normal sandwich.

Mini Omelettes on  a skillet

Though my son is very comfortable with most foods it is my constant endevour to get more and more veggies into him. So to make the rolls healthier I had a handful of chopped frozen veggies to the egg mixture. I also made mini omelets the same size as the rolls so they sanwiched perfectly in between .One large egg makes 3 mini omelets.
Let me tell you these rolls went down a treat.

Here's in short what I did:
For the omelets:
1 large egg,
a handful of chopped mixed veggies (carrots, sweetcorn, peas and beans)
1 tblspn grated cheese
salt to taste,
and I used a pinch of chilly powder rather than pepper because I feel that makes an omelet tastier.

Beat all the ingredients together and cook small omelets rather than one large one.
Butter the rolls and warm them a little
Sandwich one omelet in each roll, top with a dollop of ketchup and they are ready to be packed. Pack each individual roll in grease proof paper so they don't come apart.

Try it out and tell me if your child liked the idea.


mitr_bayarea said...

The photos looked smashing, very nice tasty snack. For a minute, I thought I saw bagels.

Divya said...

Those are so cute... I bet children would love it. I dont have one, so I am guessing me!

Pranathi Srinivasan said...

More than the egg rolls, I found it so cute to read " they are so good, put them on your blog". What more do you need in return for what you made for him!

karuna said...

that is an innovative way to serve up lunch to a six year old. and ure battle was won when ure son suggested u to put it on the blog. very nice.

Purnima said...

Anupama, I missed ur kid-lunch box!This is a great idea! Mini-ome, wt veggies look gr8! tks for sharing.

Happy cook said...

You son is really correct, they indeed look delicious.

aparna said...

They look so yummy. I will try them soon.

Mahek said...

Thanks for this wonderful recipe , i am going to give this a try and let you know.
you recipe has come at an appropriate time when i am searching for new recipes for my son for his tiffin box. I have just started posting his lunch boxes on my blog.

Anupama said...

Thanks Mitr_Bayarea.

Divya, I think even adults would like this as packed lunch.

Yes Pranathi, He is very enthusiastic about what's going on at the blog and passes the loveliest of comments any mum could ask for. I think I have a little chef in the making.

Yes Karuna, any kind of variety is so welcoming for all of us isn't it?

Hi Purnima, I am glad then that I thought of sharing this .

Thanks Happy Cook

Yeah do that Aparna

That's great Mahek. I think I'll come over to your blog and take a look today. I could definitely do with fresh ideas myself.

raaji said...

Hi anupama,my visit here.u have a nice collection....nice recipe.....
thanks for sharing

meeso said...

It never hurts to have more ideas for a kids lunch box and they look healthy and good!

anu said...

Superb yaar.. I will surely try it. Did you do with the egg poacher or just like that?

kranthi said...

excellent. i loved the idea.i will post on blog also soon