Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ganapati Bappa Moraya

Talniche Modak

A very big Hello !!! to all my dear readers and blog friends. I am back after a very very long break and believe me I am now really really ready to blog again. My trip to India was super. It was one big social event. I was visiting friends and family left ,right and centre. Visited some nice restaurants too and ate lots of delicious stuff and inspite of all the hogging I did there I lost some weight. Isn't that amazing? I am very happy.

And here I am with my latest dish that I have just prepared minutes ago and is fresh off the stove. I couldn't have chosen a better day than today to start blogging again . Yesss! It's Ganesh Chaurthi today . That special festival of Maharashtra which is celebrated for 10 days with great pomp all over the state. Before starting any new venture we believe in praying to Lord Ganesh or Ganapati Bappa as he lovingly called in Marathi. It is believed that Ganapati can remove any obstacles that may be a hindrance in your way to success and that is the reason why any new venture is first started by praying to Lord Ganapati.

So I am definitely starting on a very good day. What I have for you today is also a very special dish made particularly on Ganesh Chaturthi as it is Ganapati Bappa's favourite. It is Modak. The one I have for you today is the fried version

Fried Modak

For the outer cover
1 cup Plain Flour,
2 tspn Fine Semolina,
3 tblspn very hot oil
A pinch of salt
Ingredients for the filling:
210 gms fresh shredded coconut
1 cup jaggery (palm sugar)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tspn cardammom powder
1/2 tspn nutmeg powder

Filling: (Filling can be prepared one day in advance and kept ready)
1. In a heavy bottom pan mix the coconut, jaggery and sugar on a moderate to low heat . Keep stirring until the the mixture loses moisture and becomes slightly dry. This takes about 10 t0 15 minutes
2. Switch off the gas and then sprinkle the two spice powders and mix well. The mixture is ready. Optionally you can make it richer by adding raisins, broken cashewnuts etc. Keep the mixture covered until you need it.

For the outer cover:
1. Mix all the ingredients and knead into a firm dough. Keep covered for at 30 minutes.
2. Before using soften the dough by drizzling a bit of Ghee (clarified butter) on it and pound it in a pestle and mortar. This is very tedious but very neccessary. It makes the dough pliable.
3. Now make small balls of dough. Roll out one ball at a time into a thin puri.
4. Place it on your palm and put a tspn full of filling in the centre. Pinch the sides of the puri at regular intervals and close the modak firmly from the top. Place the modak on a plate and cover the dish with a clean wet cloth so that the modaks do not dry out
5. Make all the modaks in the same way.
6. Deep fry 3 to 4 modaks at a time on a moderate to low heat. Let cool and then store a container.
This will make appoximately 21 modaks. The other version of Modak is the steamed version which is even more delicious. For the recipe click on the picture on the right side bar.

  • Have also updated Chintu cartoon strip after a very long time. Sorry for not having updated for so long. Do scroll down and take a look.


Bhawna said...

Hi anupama , happy ganesh chaturthi. Wow different type of modaks every year...waiting for the next year to see ur new creativity.
keep it up

Divya said...

First time here...
And Hey! that looks lovely, beautiful clicks with those green (???) flowers!
Never seen a paneer maker before! Huh, interesting.

notyet100 said...

hppy ganesha chaturthi...nice version of modak,..

Sireesha said...

Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi dear:))Everything looks awesome and lovely .

Kitchen Flavours said...

Welcome back. Wow little beauties look gr8.

Anonymous said...


Awesome pictures.

meeso said...

I'm glad you're back because these look too tasty and I wouldn't wanna miss them :) Wish I could try one!

Jyothsna said...

I was looking for this version of modak, glad to find yours!

Pallavi said...

lovely modaks!
plain flour means maida kind of flour?
i usually make these with whole wheat flour, so was just wondering how they would taste with maida.
happy ganesh chaturthi!

Anupama said...

Bhawna, I think my creativity ends at these two types of modaks. Must look up google for something new for next year.

Welcome to F-n-M Divya Do come over again

Wish you the same Notyet100

Thankyou so much Sireesha

Little beauties is a very nice way to describe them Kitchen Flavours. I like it.

Thanks anonymous

Great to hear from you again Meeso. Wish I could share some with you too.

Hi Jyothsna, Glad to have helped:)

Yes Pallavi, Plain flour means Maida. They taste great with maida.And Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you too!

Srivalli said...

Anupama, thats some wonderful modaks, never knew abt fried modaks until recent and seeing here so beautifully made, look them!..

nice to know you had a great time in india...

mitr_bayarea said...


welcome back....great modak photos, being south indians, we do a different type of modak with rice flour.

Priyanka said...

Lovely modaks. Fried to a golden perfection.Glad to see u back anupama

Anonymous said...

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SriLekha said...

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add us as a follower of my blog to have my recipes in ur dashboard itself!

Sophie said...

These look beautiful, you did a lovely job putting this sweet delicious treat together! I'd like to include it on our blog :), please let me know if you're interested.

Sophie, Key Ingredient Chief Blogger