Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lunch box Idea no 5

Ok guys here's the fifth idea. This box looks a bit empty compared to the previous ones but believe me the bread rolls here are so filling that you don't really need too many other accompaniments with them.

So this one contains :
Bread Rolls with mix veg and paneer stuffing,
Pitted Dates and

The recipe for the Bread rolls is here

As a variation for the stuffing you can make it with

Boiled and crumbled hard boiled eggs and and grated cheese.

Ladies this is the last lunch box in this series. Do not worry I'll keep posting new ideas quite frequently.


Siri said...

Paneer BreadRolls for lunch.. hmmm yummy..:D

Padmaja said...

paneer in bread!! what an amazing veggi option anu!! love your lunch box options!! i always end to worry every morning how to give him a healthy packed lunch!! All your ideas are so simple yet so healthy!!!

bindiya said...

Hi Anupama, really liked the bread rolls, so appetising !lunch box looks good.

Lissie said...

great recipe, anupama! they look soo delicious!!!

Nabeela said...

I remember those bread rolls. I made thm last year and they were yummy!

Purnima said...

Hi..yet another lovely lunch box!One request..can you kindly add the label of 'lunch box ideas' to it, so that it is available on clicking the labels,pls? (there r 4 posts displayed currently)
I showed my hubby these 5 lunch boxes and he was mighty impressed -even asked me to follow suit! Other friends of mine too loved your ideas! tks again..pls do keep the lunch boxes coming! AWESOME!!Surekh!!

Anupama said...

Siri, You,ll soon be making them atleast once a week

Hi Padmaja, Thank you very much for your appreciation.

Hi Bindiya, They taste even better than they look

Hi Lissie, Thankyou and Welcome to Food-n-more

Yes Nabeela, I remember you going gaga over them when I first posted them. You even let me know that you had tried them and loved them

Hi Purnima, All this praise is really over-whelming. Thanks so much. I have tagged the last one now.


Latha Narasimhan said...

Healthy and sumptuous lunch box dear!:))