Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Spicy Christmassy Carrot Muffins

Spicy Carrot Muffins, originally uploaded by Anupama 72.

Hey people!! I am really getting into the Christmas mood. After the Brownies here's my next christmassy creation.

Here's how it goes:

225gms self-raising flour, 2tspn baking powder, 150 gms muscovado sugar, 50 gms walnuts, 100gms carrots grated, 2 eggs, 1tsp cinnammon powder, 1/2 tspn clove powder,150ml sunflower oil

Preheat the oven to 180degC and place paper cups in a muffin tray,alternatively if you do not have paper cups just grease and dust the muffin tray.


Sift the flour and baking powder twice . Beat the eggs . Then mix all the ingredients in a large bowl . The mixture should look lumpy. Spoon the mixture into the prepared muffin tray. Fill each muffin mould upto 2/3rds. Bake for 15 to 20 mins.

Let cool a little and then unmould the muffins by just inverting the tray and gently tapping on it. Dust with icing sugar.

This is my Christmas Offering to Nandita's WBB8 Christmas Special


Mrs. K said...

After some blog hopping and seeing all these christmas goodies, I too feel like it's christmas already! Muffins look great! Happy holidays to you.

Vaishali said...

Anupama, muffins with Muscovado sugar? Wow! Maybe I can use powdered jaggery instead? Lemme try it.
In the meanwhile, your muffins heavily dusted with powdered sugar look divine. Where's my coffee mug, Guys? :)

Krithika said...

have never used muscovado sugar in my baking. your muffins look gorgeous !

jayakarthik said...

ahhh looks like idly

KA said...

They look delicious..almost the same recipe as carrot cake, right?