Friday, December 22, 2006

Corn and Mushrooms on Toast for Breakfast

Corn and Mushrooms on Toast, originally uploaded by Anupama 72.
Weekend mornings you would normally see some kind of bready-eggy preparation on my breakfast table. Anything with eggs is fast to make, nutritious and well liked by all of us. In fact when I see the amount of eggs my family eats I sometimes feel it would be a good idea to open a poultry farm. So when I saw that I was out of eggs last week I knew I had to come up with something really interesting for breakfast. So instead of scrambled eggs I made scrambled mushrooms (if you can call it that) on toast. I tried it for the first time and fortunately it was a well recieved by the husband and the son. Its the simplest thing in the world to make and very very tasty.
What you need:
10 to 12 mushrooms (wiped or washed clean and chopped )
1 medium onion,
3/4 cup sweet corn,
1 green chilly deseeded and chopped fine,
1/4 cup finely chopped spring onion,
oil for cooking,
a few drops of lemon juice,
1/2 tspn pav bhaji masala
salt to taste,
cheese as garnish.
What to do:
  • Heat the oil in a pan and saute the onion and chilly till onion is nice golden brown,
  • Add the mushrooms and saute till mushrooms lose all their moisture and are completely dry,
  • Add now the corn, pav-bhaji masala, salt, and stir thoroughly,
  • Cook this for a couple of minutes. Just before switching off the heat sprinkle the spring onions and add the lemon juice.For serving toast a couple of slices of bread and butter the toast. I cut the slices into round shapes.
  • For a christmas breakfast you could cut out the bread into christmassy shapes with different cookie cutters. Top the toast with the mushrooms and garnish with grated cheese.
  • Serve hot and crispy.
  • This is my second entry to Nandita's WBB8 Christmas Breakfast Special. I hope you like it Nandita.


Seema said...

Love mushrooms and this is a great idea for quick and yummy breakfast.
Just posted mushroom friedrice recipe and next time i get mushroom i will make these

Vaishali said...

That's an interesting recipe, Anupama. Corn on toast? Mmmmm... I wanna try this. :)

Meeta said...

Lovely simple and yummylicious. Love it Anu.

Happy Hols!

Krithika said...

What a great idea ! looks delicious

Shilpi said...

Hello Anupama,

Wow! What a simple and amazing recipe - delicious too! I had it for dinner tonight as I was too lazy to cook anything! Blame the weather :) Happy new year to you....looking forward to trying more recipes from your blog!

Anil Gurwara said...

This sounds yum yum...
Will try it..and pls keep us updated with recipes which bachelors can prepare in max an hour :-)

Cafe Talkers said...

Corn n mushroom, what a combo. Would love to try this :)