Saturday, November 11, 2006

Baked Potato Paneer Tikki

Baked Potato Paneer Tikki, originally uploaded by Anupama 72.
This was just an experimental trial I had where I baked these Tikkis (Cutlets) instead of frying them and I must say they did come out much better than I had anticipitated. The whole recipe was not just these tikkis but it was Paneer Tikki Chaat which I followed from Tarla Dalal's Book "Chaat". But I could not take any pics of the entire dish put together as I was busy playing hostess when my friends were gorging on it. But fortunately I had some unfried tikkis left which I baked the next day instead of frying them. So I thought I would post these at least.You can find the entire recipe for Paneer Tikki Chaat on Tarla Dalal's site. I'll just share with you the way I made the tikkis which are a little different than her's .
Ingredients for around 12 tikkis:
4 large potatoes
100 gms paneer grated or crumbled (indian cottage cheese)
1/2 cup green peas boiled and coarsely mashed
3 tblspns cornflour
2 slices of bread (soaked in water ,squeezed and then crumbled)
1/2 cup fresh coriander finely chopped,
5 cloves garlic crushed,
2 to 3 tspns red chiily powder,
juice of one lemon,
2 tspn sugar ,
salt to taste.
To coat the cutlets you need:
1 cup semolina.
3tspn dry celery/mint/coriander (if easily available)
1 tspn salt
What you do:
  • Boil the potatoes in a pressure cooker.
  • While the potatoes and cooking, collect all the other ingredients and keep them ready.
  • As soon as the potatoes are done, peel them while they are still hot and mash them.
  • Mix all the other ingredients in the potato mash while it is still hot . (This is important because once the potatoes cool down they will get awfuly sticky and it gets very difficult to make the cutlets. I can tell you because I have been through it)
  • What you have now is a nice non-sticky and easy to handle mixture of potato and all the other ingredients.
  • You can now shape them into cutlets
  • Coat each cutlet in the semolina and celery mixture.

To bake them: Lay a sheet of aluminium foil onto your baking sheet and lightly brush it with oil. Arrange all the cutlets on to the sheet. Spray the cutlets with oil. In case you do not have a spray. Spoon 1/2 a tspn of oil over each cutlet and bake at 200 deg c until golden. Turn them over once . Use more oil only if required. Your Tikkis(cutlets) are ready.

Eat them according to the Chaat recipe or simply with a sauce and chutney of your choice. They are great when sandwiched between 2 slices of bread too.


Pavani said...

Those tikkis look delish.. Can't wait for the recipe..

Nabeela said...

thos potato patties look gorgeous!

Lakshmi said...

looks so yummy, just wanna grab one of that tikki Anupama, waiting for the recipe please.

shilpa said...

Wow..these look sooo good. I am going to try this soon. Thanks for posting.

Sumitha said...

Lucky friends you have Anu!They look so yummy and definetly healthy too!

Anonymous said...

Healthy recipe. Can you also post the recipe for the paneer tikki chaat?

Foodie's Hope said...

Tikkis rule, love them! They look perfect!:)

Anupama said...

Pavani, Thankyou. Hope you like the recipe too

Nabeela, Thanx.

Lakshmi, Hope you didn't have to wait too long for the recipe.

Shipa, Do try thm Shilpa. They are really yummy

Sumi, My friends really enjoyed them,though they did not get the baked version

Lakshmi krishnan, I;ll mail you the recipe of Paneer Tikki Chaat

Foodie's Hope, Thank you

Meeta said...

Anu, this looks totally gorgeous. I love these kind of recipes as they can be so easily frozen and used whenever desired. Whats more they make great additions to Soeren's tiffin too. I thank you for the recipe.

Saffron said...

ooh! those look gorgeous! can you send some over please?

baking is such a neat idea..healthy and quicker than frying each one individually.


Anonymous said...

Those aaloo tikkis look absolutely delicious :)

Manju Bansal said...

Hi Anupama! Its a good low cal tikki recipe. Good experiment.

Anupama said...

Actually Meeta, Thats a fantastic idea. I had not thought of freezing them. But now I will.

Saffron, How I wish I could have sent some over.

Krishnakumar, Thanx

Manju, Welcome to my blog. Glad you like my recipe

Anonymous said...

These tikkis look gorgeous. I am feeling so hungry now just looking at them. :)

Nandita said...

Appke photos ka rang hi badal gaya hai...naya cam liya kya? I love non-deep fried stuff so this one's right up my alley!

Anupama said...

Hi sangeeta, welcome to my blog.And keep visiting.

Nandita, The cam is old but what is new the photographer in me,that I have recently dicovered. Thankyou.

Anonymous said...

hi anupama:
i liked your idea of baking the tikki's instead of deep frying much more healthier ...will definately give it a try the way i love your blog and the recipies in here ...will keep coming agian for sure

Anupama said...

You are most welcome Seema

Shella said...

The tikkis look heavenly, n thinking that they are baked want me to just dig into them. Thanks for a baked recipe, it helps so many of us enjoy what we love so much, but keep away for the dread of calories.

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