Monday, September 04, 2006

Very Hungry !!!! But No Energy To Cook.

Hi everyone! Feels good to blog after a long time. Its been a hectic but fun weekend taking my Mom and Dad sight-seeing in and around London. A must-see for my Mom was Wimbledon. Its been her dream to visit The All England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon since she started watching the Championships way back in the eighties probably on Doordarshan's limited broadcasts. So thats where we headed this weekend. We took a guided tour and it was super. Got to see a lot of things that I had not been able to see during the Championships this year.

But.... and thats a very big BUT. What do you make for dinner when you have been galavanting around town for the whole day and are dead tired by the time you make your way back home through a maze of Tube Stations and Buses in London. Ideally you don't bother with anything, but I did. I put together a few things that I had in the fridge and what turned out was not bad at all. I made Bread Pizza . And here it comes


6 to 8 Bread Slices, 1 Bell Pepper chopped, 1 Large onion chopped, 2 large tomatoes chopped, Tomato Ketchup to spread on the slices, 1 cup cheddar cheese, Dried herbs like Basil, Oregano and Paprika 1 tspn each, 1 chopped green chilly and salt to taste.
Spread the tomato ketchup on the slices and top-up with the onions , pepper, tomatoes, herbs ,chillies and cover with grated cheese. Grill in a hot oven at 225 deg C for about 15 to 20mins. Cut the slices into triangles and serve yourself delicious hot and crispy pizza slices with a glass of chilled Coke

A few scenes from Wimbledon

Mom and Dad Pleased As Punch


Revathi said...

Thats a good idea Anupama...Btw seems u guys are having a ball of time !!

Prema Sundar said...

Bread pizza looks wonderful.. sometimes I also do this.. The pics are excellent.

Neelu said...

looks awesome anu, Simple and delicious.
I Use to make bread pizza in India but havent tried hand on it since ages now ! Ur recipe reminds em I should now :)
Ur paretns r here ...u must b having a gala time ...enjoy !

Vaishali said...

Wow, even the look of it is so comforting. Btw, I loved your last Thursday tip, Anupama. Hope I can put it to practise soon. :)

ambi said...

hi Anu, the bread pizza is awesome. i tried it today its really tasty and easy actually my husband doesn't like bread but now he liked this bread pizza.thank you for the nice recipe