Thursday, August 31, 2006

No I have not abandoned my blog!!!!!

No people i have not abndoned my blog. I am very much here,but so are my parents and they are the reason I am not blogging as much as usual. Hope they don't read this. Last 2 weeks have been great fun taking my parents around UK. Mom is doing most of the cooking and I do only the chatting and catching up on family gossip. Most of the times I am so busy eating everything that she makes that I forget to take photos. Must have put on a couple of pounds since she came.Not that I need any excuse to put on weight. I am posting a couple of photographs of places we visited this last bank holiday weekend.
By the way Thursday tip of the week No 6 is very simple. When mom and dad are visiting let them pamper you as much as they want. Such occasional pampering is good for one's general well being and mom and dad feel good too.

The beautiful canals at Bourton-on-Water

The City of Shires .....Oxford


Thats The Model Miniature Village of Bourton-on-Water in the Cotswold


Vineela said...

Hi Anupama,
Nice pictures and enjoying with parents is great.

Ulrike aka ostwestwind said...

Yes, Oxford is great! We visited it in summer and my sons saw the New College. It was very important for them, because inside the Harry-Potter-films were made.

Menu Today said...

Hi Anupama,
Enjoy with parents!! Great pictures.

indianadoc said...

Anupama,wonderful snaps...hmm...have fun n enjoy!!

Foodie's Hope said...

Nice photos..I lived in UK for 5 yrs! Enjoy your parents stay :)

KrishnaArjuna said...

Nice pictures Anupama! Looks like you have been really busy..

Revathi said...

Ha ha haaa
Good tip of the week !!!!!

Mumbai Guy said...

Parents visit also gives you a chance to show how you have grown up "big" ;) They sure get proud to see thier little one in new avatar and trust me lots of gossiping goes between them about you.

And the miniature village looks great.