Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ranch Eggs / Ranchero Eggs : Call them whatever you like ,they are simply awesome !

Ranch Eggs

Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao Ande!! This slogan is taken very seriously in my household. OK maybe not everyday ,but that's only because I don't give my family the option of having eggs everyday. If I let them have their way they would live on eggs . So you can imagine their reaction when I made this dish for the first time. My son ate this eggy breakfast at my sister's once and since then he kept telling me how Moni maushi had made this very very yummy egg dish that I just had to make at home for him. So I first asked her to make it for me too and I too loved it . And from there onwards began the tradition of cooking eggs in this way.
It's a very hearty and filling dish that is a great combo of some of the elements of a five item English breakfast and then some other things thrown in to make it even more versatile. It's got eggs, baked beans, mushrooms ,coloured peppers, sweetcorn and you eat it with hot buttered toast. My sister uses tomato puree instead of baked beans, so the recipe is very much tweakable.

Here's how you make it for 4 people:

8 eggs (I normally take 2 eggs per person)
1 400gm can of baked beans
1 onion thinly sliced
2 cups sliced coloured peppers
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup sweet corn
4 tblspns cooking oil (use olive oil if you have that)
1 tspn jeera
Italian or Mexican spice mix as per your taste (you can even use the spice sachets that come along with takeaway pizzas)
salt and pepper
1/2 cup of water

In a non-stick pan heat the oil and add the jeera first
When the Jeera is slightly dark in colour add the onions and fry for a few seconds
Next add the coloured peppers, and the mushrooms ,fry these until the mushrooms lose all their moisture
Now it's time to add the sweetcorn and the baked beans
Add the spice mix, salt and pepper next and let the beans heat through completely. Give this a taste now and adjust all the spices and salt etc . You can even add a little chilly powder to turn up the heat a bit. Add a little water if the mixture gets too thick
Now lower the heat and make little dents in the pan and crack one egg in each dent very gently so that the egg does not spread through the whole pan ,but stays in that dent. Cover and cook over very low heat . This does not take too long. Make your toast in the meanwhile.
The dish is ready when the eggs are slightly firm but completely cooked.

Serve with toast and your favourite juice.
As I said this dish is very forgiving and tweak friendly, so make your own additions to it by all means.


Chloe Martin said...

Wow nice recipe I'll definitely try this one.... thanks for sharing!

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healthy rach eggs!!delicious!

Happy Cook / Finla said...

I agree call them what ever you want the look super droolie delicious.

Aarthi said...

First time here..Glad I reached here..Following you right away...This looks delicious.…Totally yummy..Thanks for sharing it dear…Should try it soon…If you have time do check my blog too…


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Anupama said...

Thank you all for laeving such lovely comments. Its very encouraging and motivates me to keep blogging.

radha said...

I sent the link to my daughter and she made the dish and sent me the pictures. I have taken the liberty of using the recipe as it appears on your blog - with due credit. I hope you do not mind.

Anupama said...

No Problem Radha!:)) It's a pleasure.

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I want to follow this recipe, the food is good for party. awesome soup.

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bubblegum casting said...

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