Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fabulous Kesar Rasmalai (The Cheats Way)

Elegant Rasmalai

Hi Guys!! This Rasmalai  is what I actually made to celebrate Gudi Padwa . Now if you have been a Food-n-More reader for  a while you will remember that I have already posted a Rasmalai Recipe here may be a couple of years back. So why another one now? The reason for that is that this recipe is a short cut. It's something you make when you have a craving for Rasmalai but do not have the time to go through all the slow boiling process to evaporate the milk to the exact consistency, which is the key to that delicious creamy taste that we all want.  So that's why I call this the Cheat's Way to make a great tasting Rasmalai  without all the hassle.

 I boiled the milk in the microwave on full power  in  a large glass mixing bowl .  I did not know how long it would take and also wasn't sure  if I was going to get the result I wanted . So I boiled it in two parts. One litre at a time. It took me 25 to 30  mins to get the one litre milk thickened to the Rasmalai consistency.  The milk  had a beautiful pale creamy colour and there were also strands of cream formed in it. It had reduced to three quarters of it's  original volume . So that makes it  around  one hour  approx  for 2 litres. Which is not bad  considering the time it takes to reduce milk  in the conventional way  on the hob.  Secondly there is no fear of burning the milk , which  has happened  a few times with me , leaving a horrible burnt smell in the milk which does not go away even if you change the saucepan in which you are cooking it. Just remember to use a  big  glass bowl , so that the milk does not boil over.

After the milk had reduced I added  enough sugar tro make it as sweet as I liked and also added of course the cardammom powder  and a generous amount of saffron strands . I just cannot be stingy with saffron. I just love the spice and have to use it  generously.

Now instead of making Rasgulla's at home I just  bought a can of Haldiram's Rasgulla's . In the earlier rasmalai post I have shown how to make rasgulla's at home. But this time I bought them . Opened the can , squeezed out all the sweet syrup from them and put them in the sweet milk only when the milk had cooled down  a little and was not hot but just warm. This ensures that the Rasgullas soak the milk well.

That's it really. Left it to cool in the fridge for a 3 to 4 hours and we had a great tasting Rasmalai for dinner.


Happy Cook said...

This is one of the indian sweets my hubby and daughter love. Beautiful looking and delcious.

Rekha shoban said...

wow!amazing dessert!....looks perfect and delicious!

Purnima said...

Anupama, tks for sharing your first hand technique of mw the milk for RM. Did u cover it? did u set the time at one go, ie. 25 mins or u got around mw it in time-breaks? Truly the cardamom-saffron can b smelt thru the pic n splendid click. Wd love to try milk-reduce-in-mw technique! Thankyou again!

chakhlere said...

Lovely Rasamalai!!
What a nice click...looks very tempting.

Anupama said...

Hi everyone thanks for such lovely comments.

Purnima : I did open the MW every 6 to 7 mins and gave the milk a stir, and no I did not cover the bowl

zobars said...

cheaters way is the way to go when you are in a time crunch. I also add evaporated milk to thicken faster.

Divya Vikram said...

Looks so appealing. You made me go craving for this.

Malar Gandhi said...

Wow, oh boy...looks amazing...wanna grab from the screen.