Monday, October 12, 2009

It's just around the corner now!

Butter Shankarpale

Yes, it is ,isn't it? Diwali is almost here now and I am so excited. I am completely into the Diwali fever. And this is inspite of the fact that I am in the UK where things are definitely nowhere as exciting as they are back in Pune. I have started preparing the snacks and am also going to make a Aakash Kandil very soon to hang outside my door. Well maybe not outside but definitely inside my house.
I made two snacks today. I started with those that keep the longest. They are Chiwda and Shankarpale. Two classic Diwali snacks . And today I will share with you the Shankarpale I made.

These are All-Butter Shankarpale and believe me they just melt in the mouth. I know Shankarpale are normally made with ghee but try them with butter and you will love them.
So here we go:
1 cup salted butter,
1 cup + 2 tblspns water,
1.5 cups sugar,
approx 750 gms plain flour
oil for deep frying

Put the butter ,sugar and water together in a heavy bottom pan and heat gently just until the sugar completely dissolves
Switch off the heat immediately,
Set aside and let this mixture cool down
When it is cool start adding the flour and go on adding it until you have a medium soft dough (Dough should not be too soft , nor too firm. I have stated the quantity of flour as 750 gms but that is only an approx measure)
Once the dough is kneaded cover it and and let it rest for 1/2 hour
Then divide it into equal sized parts and roll out each part thinly.
Cut out diamond shapes and fry on a moderate heat until light golden in colour.
Drain onto a paper towel and store in a air tight container when cool.

That's my first recipe for you this Diwali . I plan on making a few more snacks which too I would love to share with you so do come back again soon and check them out.

!!!Happy Diwali Cooking!!!


Sonu said... already started for Diwali. You know...Shankarpale is my favourite...missing my Mom. Never tried buttery shankarpale. I am sure this is full fat version. :) Will try someday for sure.

zobars said...

welcome back Anupama !! I was so happy to see your posts today. I have been sick and you just made my day. I wanted to ask you if you would be kind enough to post the recipe for fresh coconut karanji so I can make it like you this diwali.

redboxrules said...

so glad to have this info! yummy!

-redbox rules

Divya Vikram said...

These look perfectly shaped and yummy to snack on! Belated Diwali wishes!

Ankita said...

My kiddo looks to snack on these.Your recipe looks so simple.

Anonymous said...

what changes to do if i use unsalted butter