Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Masalyacha Dabaa (Indian Spice Box)

{Starting from top and going clockwise you have: Turmeric, Goda Masala, Ground Coriander Powder,Red Chilly Powder, Whole Cumin and Asafoetida and Whole Black Mustard seeds in the centre .}

As much as I love to participate in Food events where actual cooking is involved I am always delighted when there are events where you get to show off stuff from your kitchen and get to see interesting stuff from other kitchens all over the world as well. so when I read about Gabi's event Show us your.... Spice Collection I was game. I just hesitated for a moment thinking whether I wanted to put my Rasmalai post which is still quite new down on the list so soon. But this was too good to miss and as the deadline is for tomorrow I had to put up my post today.
So here's what I have to offer Gabi. "Gabi this is a typical Spice box from India. You will see this in each and every household from North to South and East to West. Of course the spices might change a bit but the box is a must. It's extremely practical as it holds 7 main spices which any cook will need everyday. So there is no time lost in searching for spice bottles that might be hiding at the back of the cupboard.

The one I have shown above contains typical spices from Maharashtra a large state to the west of India. A little explanation of what it holds:
Turmeric: Turmeric not only imparts a great colour to the finished dish but has great antiseptic properties.
Goda Masala: This is a spice mix made in large quantities by roasting a number of spices at home and then they are taken to the local mill to be ground into a powder. This spice mix is used everyday while preparing lentils.
Coriander Powder: Coriander powder is the most versatile of spices and is found in practically all spice mixes. It smells very different from fresh coriander and gives a great lift to any dish.
Chilly powder :This one definitely needs no introduction. Used all over the world just with different intensity.
Whole Cumin: A very earthy spice with a smoky flavour. Used in whole as well as powdered form.
Asafoetida: Asafoetida is a dried, resinous gum available in 'tears' and 'lumps', but most commonly found in powdered form. Asafoetida has a very strong, pungent smell but the flavour mellows as it is fried in oil. When cooked, it has a truffle-like flavour and a roasted garlic aroma. It aids in digestion and is used in practically all vegetarian cooking .
Mustard Seeds: Mustard seeds have healing properties. They help reduce the severity of asthma, decrease some of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and help prevent cancer. They also are a good source of magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids as well as iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, protein, niacin and dietary fiber.

My vegetable dish today is Batatyachi Bhaaji or Stir-fried Potatoes and Peas tempered with Mustard seeds, Cumin and asafoetida. The other spices added to it are coriander powder, chilly powder and turmeric. Another delicious aroma in this dish is that of fresh curry leaves. This dish is loved by all Indians with few variations made here and there.

Hope you like it Gabi!!


Tee said...

Great way to show your spices :) I think generations will come and go but this masalaycha dabba will always stay .
batata bhaaji looks mouthwatering!

meeso said...

I think spices are so pretty, and when I had a bigger kitchen I had them sitting out... Now I think how they are either in jars or bags in my cupboard. The potatoes and peas look delicious!

Divya Vikram said...

cute spice box and yumy gobi too..

Gabi said...

Thank you so much Anupama for showing us your spices. Your dish is so mouthwatering- I wish I had some to eat right now! I love the spice box and your explanation of each spice contained there.
I'll see you at the roundup on Saturday!
Best Wishes,

Suma Rajesh said...

ur curry looks perfect...and also the presentation...i loved it

Mona said...

Loved the colours of the subzi. And the spice box looks very good, reminds me of India a lot, and the traditional Indian Cuisine.


Madhavi said...

Gobi looks mouthwatering, very nice recipe!!!


Alpa said...

the masala daba is so visually appealing but unfortunately it's something we use everyday so i think we tend to take it for granted. i couldn't think of another more stunning way to showcase the spices. the gobi is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Anupama said...

Yes Tee, I recently kept this box on display in a cultural event and everyone loved it

Thankyou Meeso, Do you also cook potatoes and peas together?

Thanks Divya

Yes Gabi, I am excited about this particular round-up.

Thanks Suma

Hi Mona, Do you also have on of these?

Thanks Madhavi

Alpa, What you have said is so true. Sometimes you tend to overlook beautiful things that are constantly around you just because they are always there. Thanks for your lovely comment

Ketki Gadre said...

Hi Anupama...i love ur masalyacha dabba..i have to get this from India next time.!
About those patties, yes they can be frozen to use another day.!I had actually not thought about that.:-)..!

AnuZi said...

I love your masala dabba. My mother in law got a similar one from mumbai for me :o)

zlamushka said...

wow, what a cute spice box, so many colors. It looks great on potatoes, too :-)

Shari said...

Great info about each spice. I enjoyed reading that. I also love the spices in the round container. That's beautiful!

Hetal said...

Thanx for ur comments on my blog.hey aloo curry look yummy..

meeso said...

Well, I saw this at the store the other day so I picked one up but haven't decided what spices I will put in it yet... and yes, I love to eat and cook potatoes and peas!

Lucy said...

The spice box is beautiful. I have asthma, and have discovered recently that my breathing improves greatly after an Indian meal. I've looked through the internet trying to find what Indian spices are helping me the most. You website pinpointed mustard seeds. Are there others that promote unrestricted breathing? I can't possibly explain to you how grateful I am to take a breath without hurting.

Thank you so much for your information, and I would be very appreciative of anything further that you or others may share!