Friday, April 18, 2008

What's kept me busy last couple of months?

In my last couple of posts I have written about this cultural showcase of Maharashtra a group of us have been creating for our local library. The project which we undertook for the Marathi Mandal in MK has been a great success and we have got excellent reviews about it from many people visiting the library.It gives me great pleasure to give all my readers a glimpse of this colourful project. But firstly my heartfelt thanks to all those bloggers and photographers who let me use there photos on this project . Photos without which this showcase would not have been possible. Thank you all once again!

We divided the display into 3 sections of which the central section was alloted to Maharashtrian culinary delights


The second section was devoted to painters and paintings of Maharashtra in which the Warli folk art played an important role


We were given 3 glass showcases in which we could keep actual exhibits. In this one you see Bhaatukli (Toy Kitchenware), a Warli print T-Shirt, Puja Thali, Tambya-bhanda(steel water container and cup) and Paan or weeda which is eaten as a palette cleanser after a meal.


The third section was for Sculpture and Mural Art of Maharashtra which obviously consisted of all the temple caves like Ellora, Ajanta, Elephanta etc


We stitched small jute sacks and filled them with staple grains of Maharashtra and put little flags in them as labels . We have also put on display our masala dabba with all typical Maharshtrian spices. Also on display are a few traditional kitchen gadgets like the Sorya which is used to make chaklis and the sheera mould etc.


Before we put up our display another group displayed information about the history of Maharashtra in which they exhibited this Pagdi and Tutari etc.


Wish all of you could have been here to see the actual display . It was a great experience and the praise that we have recieved for it has made all the efforts we took completely worth it.


bee said...

wonderful work!!!

Namratha said...

Great going Anupama, it must have felt wonderful having all those people appreciate your work, it definitely deserves it! :)

Manisha said...

Congrats Anupama! This is lovely!!

Mansi Desai said...

that looks like a great spread indeed! I'm sure everyone must have loved it!:)

SMN said...

Wondergul work

Srivalli said...

GReat work..looks wonderful!

Nupur said...

WOW...that is one beautifully organized display, Anupama! My heart skipped a beat when I saw that bhaatukli :)
So what kind of reaction did you get? Were people curious and intrigued?

Suganya said...

Your effort shows, Anupama. Congrats.

Anupama said...

Thanks Bee. We had a great time preparing it.

Thanks Namratha, yes it does feel super to hear praise for your hard work

Thank you Manisha

Yes Mansi, the last I saw there were about 23 comments in the comments book

Thanks SMN

Thanks Srivalli,

Yes Nupur, people were definitely intrigued. The people at the library said that our display would be a good example as to how a display should be made for other groups in the future.

Hi Suganya, Thanks