Friday, March 21, 2008

Palak Paneer Parathas

I am a very erratic blogger these days. And it's all thanks to this certain project that I have undertaken. I might have mentioned it before but let me tell you a little about it. The Marathi Mandal in my city had been offered the chance to create and display a cultural showcase exhibiting all different aspects of Maharashtrian culture. This will be displayed at the local library for the entire month of April. I am leading one group and the topics we have been allocated are Marathi Food, Marathi Painters, and Sculptures in Maharashtra. The food part is the easiest one obviously but the painters and sculptures needed a bit of research. Needless to say that there are a thousand other things pertaining to the project that are taking up all my time. But believe me I am enjoying every bit of it. But that's put a strain on my blog. I am typing so much for the project that I just can't find the energy to type some more for my dear blog. But it's Easter weekend now and I am feeling a bit relaxed as there is no hard and fast routine of school and office to stick to. So here I am once again with a new recipe .

I have not followed this recipe from any book, neither had I eaten this anywhere or even heard of it before. I always make simple palak parathas and I had once eaten paneer parathas at a friend's. Now palak- paneer is a classic combo as we all know and love. So I just combined two delicious parathas and created a third equally delicious one out of it. Three cheers for me!!! OK OK I am coming to the recipe.

You need for the outer paratha dough:
2 bunches spinach or 1 bag of baby spinach leaves,
2 and 1/2 cups whole wheat flour (Atta) approx
1 large onion,
2 -3 cloves garlic,
1 tspn whole cumin,
2 tspns each of cumin and coriander powder,
2 tspn chilly powder (less if you wish),
1 tblspn roasted and powdered sesame seeds (completely optional ),
1 tspn sugar,
2 tspn salt,
3 tblspns oil.

Ingredients for the paneer stuffing:
400 gms paneer,
2 tblspns very finely chopped coriander,
1/2 tspn salt,
1/2 tspn chilly powder.

Method for the outer covering of the parathas:
1.Heat the oil in a wok and add the cumin seeds . Fry for few seconds .
2.Then add the onion and garlic. Fry these until light golden in colour.
3. Next put in the spinach leaves. They do not have to be chopped. Cook these well along with the coriander -cumin powders, chilly powder, sugar , salt and sesame seed powder. To retain the colour of the spinach do not cover the pan while cooking.
4. Once the spinach has completely cooked allow it to cool a bit and then puree it in a blender. If you have a stick blender you don't need for it to cool.
5. To this puree now add the flour . I have stated 2 and 1/2 cups but that is an approx measurement. Add enough flour to form a moderately soft dough.

Method for the paneer stuffing:
1. Grate or crumble the paneer and all the rest of the ingredients to it.
2. Now add a few drops of milk to the crumbled panner and knead it into a soft ball. This is your stuffing ready.

Final Procedure:
1. Make equal number of balls of paratha dough and paneer stuffing but the paneer balls should be double in size to the dough balls.
2. Roll out each paratha a little and then stuff it with the paneer ball . Close all the edges of the dough and roll it out again gently into a thick stuffed paratha.
3. Place it on a hot tawa and cook on both sides until tiny brown spots appear on the surface.
4. Cook all the parathas in the same way and just before serving cook them once again this time with a small amount of oil.
5. Serve with your favourite accompaniments .


Kalva said...

wow very nice paneer parathas... Looks delish!!

Divya Vikram said...

Lovely parathas..Looks great

Mansi Desai said...

that's like combining 2 entrees into 1:) your project sounds exciting girl:)

Aparna said...

Thanks for the awesome recipe, will try it.

remya said...

healthy parathas...looks perfect

notyet100 said...

looks tasty..wil sure try,..

maimoona said...

Green and healthy paraths!Nice project,its feels so good to do something of our culture,country in a faraway land.
I wish u the best for your work.!

meeso said...

Oh yum, sounds so good...I love warm bread and It's got all the good flavors!!!