Thursday, August 23, 2007

Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls : My Contribution to the Picnic Hamper and Fun in the Sun: Grand Round-up

Hi all ! We are finally at our Picnic Spot. It could be anywhere .A nice sandy beach, a beautiful park or just a fresh green stretch near your house. Just take your pick. As long as the sun is shining ,butterflies are fluttering around and the bees are buzzing we are a happy lot. So are you ready for the Grand Picnic Spread we have all contributed to? Yessss!!! Then come along for our FUN IN THE SUN .

This was my first attempt at hosting an event and I had nightmares about not getting any entries at all. But I got 23 grand entries and believe me I am a happy girl. Thank you all you dear people who took the interest and effort for me. This is immense encouragement for me to host further events. Without making you wait any longer lets open our hamper with:

Rahin's Walnut Cookies

Rahin says: If you have never made these cookies , I highly recommend trying out this recipe at least once. The whole process is so simple, and the aroma when these are baked is soooooo good must try it to believe it.

I say: Rahin has a delicious blog going with a equally delicious name Lazzat.

Praveena's Murukku

Praveena says: Murukku / Chakli is a savoury snack, popular in southern part of India. With a cup of tea, i munched on some of the murukku that my friend prepared and got the see how this snack is prepared.

I say: Praveena's blog Simply Spicy is steeped in tradition with some authentic recipes from Kerala. This lady loves spicy currys that's for sure.

Nupur's Eggplant Caponata Sandwich

Nupur says: Caponata is wonderful at room temperature, making it perfect picnic food. It also tastes better if made a day before serving.

I say: Nupur's Blog One Hot Stove is just like it's name suggests One Hot Blog. It is a treasure trove for us foodies. It's immensely informative, well researched and beautifully presented. Need I say more?


Elle-n-Chikki's Thengai Mangai Pattani Sundal

Elle Chikki says:The first thing that comes to mind when I hear "Thengai Mangai Pattani Sundal" (Coconut Raw-mango Green-peas sundal) is the Marina Beach.

I say: Elle- n- Chikki's blog "
Lemon and Chillies
is a great effort of two friends in putting their culinary skills to the test and sharing their experiences with us. Just look at that pic. Doesn't it make your mouth water?

Jyothi's Tortilla Pizza

Jyothi says: This is a mexican snack, and it tastes awesome. You can pack it easily for any picnic and also can serve it as a weekend snack. For this, we can use seasonal vegetables and some Indian flavours.

I say: Jyothi's blog World Wide Cooking has some fantastic cookery videos. I loved watching them. I think that's a fab idea Jyothi .


Ketki's Veg Pears

Ketki says: The weather outside is Picnic Perfect and my mind is bursting with ideas of interesting eats that can be loaded in my picnic basket.This recipe is called 'Veg Pears'. It is comfortable finger food. No fuss.Tasty and Traditional.

I say: Ketki's blog
My Two Cents is a very young blog which is just 2 months old. Ketki loves to talk about and share with us everything that really matters to her.


Hima's Banana Nut Cup Cakes

Hima says: I am fond of muffins. Every now and then I try to make atleast half a dozen muffins and store in a box. Well, I called these as cup cakes because I followed the recipe for cake. I was very much pleased with the way they turned out, very moist and melting in the mouth. Simply Great.

I say: Hima's blog Snackorama is the blog to visit if you are searching for some great low fat muffins. She is a girl after my heart as I am a Muffin Maniac myself. Though my mania is more for eating them rather than making them. So keep the oven switched ON Hima and you know where to find a taster if ever you need one.

Nag's Rich Dark Chocolate Cake
Nags says: I am a self-confessed chocolate addict. This cake is rich, dark and absolutely yummy. My mom makes it whenever she gets the chance and is in the mood.

I say: Nags 's blog For The Cook In Me is quite a delicious mix bag. Her recipes are quick and uncomplicated with some very interesting dishes from Kerala.


Jyothi's Eggrolls

Jyothi says: These eggrolls are very simple to make and very good picnic food. They keep well and are easy to carry too.

I say: Jyothi's Andhra Spicy has a fantastic collection of not only Andhraite recipes but also some very good Chinese and Mexican recipes.


Dhana's Mango Panha

Dhana says: My mango panha is a tribute to India's meteoric rise as well as the actual meteoric temperatures we are experiencing this summer. Its a refreshing drink to a refreshing start of the next set of glorious years for India!!

I say: Dhana's blog Fresh Kitchen (I just love this name) is one year old and her inspiration to blog came from her move into a new house with a gorgeous kitchen. Oh to have a kitchen that inspires you to cook lovely fresh food. What more could a food blogger ask for? Right Dhana?


Manasi's Cabbage Rolls and Salsa

Sabudana Wada

Manasi says: These rolls which are not only healthy and filling, but look great on a platter too!! So whether its picnic or you have invited guests for snacks, this one will surely be a hit!

I say: Manasi's Fun and Food is a multi-faceted blog from Silicon Valley . She has come up with not one but 3 yummy recipes

Fun and Food traverses reading,writing cooking travelling,singing and gardening . Manasi also hosts Cool Ideas and Gadgets .


Zlamushka's Same Hummus Different Flavours

Zlamushka says: I love spreads! As simple as that, I decided to make hummus today. It is real hot, so cooked hot food is out of question. Plus, it is not a dumb idea to make a kilo of it to enjoy as the days go by.

I say: In Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen her primary focus is on condiments .Pastes, Curries, Dips, Marinades, Pickles, Glazes and Sauces are what interest her the most. Having said that I think her blog is a mind-blowing fusion of Oriental, Indian and Western tastes.

Aarti's Spiced Mamra

Aarti says: This is obviously a snack to be enjoyed during the journey, as a timepass snack, not as lunch since its not filling.. A snack that will be loved by all and will be finished off in minutes.. Thats too with minimul fuss and no fear of spoiling.

I say:Aarti's Corner is a yummy blog with loads and loads of authentic Maharashtrian specialities. I suspect Aarti also has a major sweet tooth as she has some of the most gorgeous sweet treats beautifully presented.

Veggie Burgers by Priya

Priya says: This was the perfect bite of burger I have had in a very long time. Since I made the patty to suit my taste the final burger was just fabulous ....

What do I say about Priya's Akshayapaatram, a blog that is already so popular . A delicious vegetarian blog with a wide wide variety of cuisines and some stunning photographs.


Masala Buns by Raaga

Raaga says: Since these buns are a meal in themselves, and they are non messy, they are very good companions for the lunchbox and definitely make for good company while on a picnic .

Raaga is The Singing Chef . Her blog reflects every bit of the enthusiasm that she puts in her cooking. She says "Experimenting is the name of the game for her" . Well keep up the experimenting Raaga as we are definitely benefitting from it. The cheerful mood of her blog starts right from her own smiley photo on her homepage.

Potato Salad by Rajitha

Rajitha says: "I love Potatoes and I feel that they are given a bad rap and termed as unhealthy and bad for you. In my opinion, the way it is cooked makes a difference on it being healthy and a good source of carb or a phenominal source of fat . This potato salad though American in name is full of Mediterranean flavors. I love Mediterranean food esp. middle eastern food and I think this salad really packs in a punch for me."

I say: Rajitha's Hungerpangs is a relatively new blog on the blogosphere but her talent and creativity really come through. She has some very good quick-to-cook recipes accompanied by great pics.

Priyanka's Hamper of a variety of Muffins

Priyanka says:These muffins are my first try at baking and i am happy to report that they came out pretty well. And the best part about them: they are eggless .

I say: Priyanka has the double advantage of firstly being a Maharashtrian and secondly being influenced by Gujarathi cuisine. Believe me these two regions have 2 of the best and most well-balanced cuisines in India so you can imagine the explosion of flavours when they come together. So Priyanka calling her blog Lajawab is most apt.

Latha's Chocolate chip Cookies

Latha of The Yum Blog says: I have been baking these cookies or ghee biscuits alteast once a month for the past 25 years. Over the years many people have enjoyed these cookies that I bake. But the recipe received its ultimate seal of validation when Sunil, a chef at Taj and Anupama, his wife a professor in a Hotel management school said that my cookies are the best they have ever tasted. :DYay!!!

Delicious Soft Idlis with Mulagai Podi also from Latha
Latha would also like to share with us some delicious soft Idlis with Mulagai Podi .

Latha has some old rare recipes of mom and grand mom, which she wants to preserve for future generations through her blog. The food community definitely needs more veterans like you Latha to keep those traditional recipes fresh in our minds.

Viji's Picnic Special Wheat Biscuits

Viji from the Yum Blog has brought her Picnic Special Wheat Biscuits.

She says: The kids especially love these sweet creations.

I say: Viji dear ,where picnics are concerned I turn into a kid myself. So don't be surprised if the biscuits disappear too soon.

Aloo Patties from Anupama of What's Cooking

Anupama from What's Cooking brings yummy Aloo Patties for our Picnic
Anu is a working mom and has recently started blogging. She likes fast to cook ,easy and healthy recipes.

I say:All the best and welcome to food blogging Anu!

And finally here's what I have brought along . Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls. I made them for the first time speciallly for our picnic and I hope you all enjoy them. It's again a hit recipe from Tarla Dalal's Collection.

Paneer Kathi Rolls 1
These rolls make a complete meal by themselves. The recipe recommended wholewheat flour for the chapatis but I was in an indulgent mood and used plain flout instead. I also increased the amount of chilly powder and such snacks do taste better when made a little spicier than normal. Cooking Time : 20 mins.Preparation Time : 15 mins.Makes 9 rolls.
For the paneer tikka filling:

1 cup paneer cubed

½ cup tomatoes, deseeded and diced

½ cup capsicum diced

1 teaspoon oil

To be mixed into a marinade:

1/4 cup curds beaten

2.5 teaspoon chilli powder

¼ teaspoon turmeric powder

½ teaspoon ginger paste

¼ teaspoon garlic paste

¼ teaspoon chickpea flour

½ teaspoon chaat masala

½ teaspoon kasuri methi

½ teaspoon garam masala

salt to taste

For the chapatis:

1 cup plain flour

Just enough milk to make a soft dough

Salt to taste

For the paneer tikka filling:

1.Add the paneer and tomatoes to the prepared marinade and toss lightly.

2.Leave aside for 10 minutes.

3.Heat the oil in a non-stick pan, add the capsicum and sauté for 2 minutes.

4.Add the paneer mixture and sauté over a high flame for 4 to 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
For the chapatis:

1.Combine all the ingredients and knead into a soft dough.

2.Divide the dough into 9 equal portions.

3.Roll out each portion into a thin chapati.

4.Cook each chapati on a tava (griddle) on both sides. Keep aside.
How to proceed:

1.Divide the paneer tikka filling into 9 equal portions.

2.Spread one portion of the filling in the centre of each chapati and roll up tightly.

3. If eating at home , cook the rolls on a hot tava (griddle). But for a picnic do not cook as they will get chewy by the time you eat them. So cold rolls are just fine for outdoors. Enjoy !!!
Two more very good recipes for our picnic are :
1. Crispy Bread Rolls: These I have already blogged about but they are so tasty that everytime I make them at home I wish I could blog about them again. So do take a look. I know you wil love them.
2. Mini Cappucino Muffins: I told you I am somewhat of a muffin maniac too . So I had to include these.
Hope you enjoyed reading the Round-up as much as I enjoyed doing it.


Anonymous said...

wow that photo for Paneer tikka Kathi rolls is awesome. I loved the way you have tied each roll with carrot strips!classic!

Nupur said...

I did enjoy this round-up! I will be visiting this page often to look for ideas for picnic (or indeed, lunchbox) fare. Thanks, Anupama!
Your kathi rolls are simply mouthwatering. As Madhuli say, the presentation is just gorgeous, with that splash of orange tying the roll together.

Nupur said...

P.S: I think the lazzat link needs to be fixed.

Anu said...

Wow!that looks so tempting!! This is gonna be one of my favs on ur site Anu :-)

Srivalli said...

Excellent round up Anupama!..everything is looking so wonderful and your paneer rolls are mouthwatering...


Anonymous said...

lovely round up :).

PS: you might want to cross check the links, some of them dint work for me.

Raaga said...

Thanks Anupama... the recipe and pictures are beautiful and so is the round up. I have so many lunch ideas now... its almost a picnic for me :)

amna said...

wow! that kathi role pic is very beautiful and oh so creative! thank u so much for feauturing my cake :)

i love the way u introduced each of the contributors.. must have taken a long time to draft this one :)

way to go! looking forward to the next event.. err. is this an ongoing event?

Mishmash ! said...

I liked ur carrot ribbon :) Very creative :)


Rajitha said...

i think it was great on how you put ur personal touch to every entry and complemented everybody... and your kathi rolls look really good, a good mix of protein and carbs and great to take to work too... not just picnics...

Coffee said...

Your paneer rool goes in my must try list !!! Beautiful presentation! :)

bha said...

Thats a wonderful round whenever I have to pack for picninc I know where I shud refer....your paneer kathi roll looks amazing

Laavanya said...

Your rolls look really good and i love the presentation. Thanks for a great recipe. I Also checked out the Crispy Bread Rolls recipe and that's great too. Will try that out real soon.
Nice round-up with yummy recipes.

Arts said...

Anupama says: I made them for the first time speciallly for our picnic

I say: Too good if its the first time.. presentation is lovely.. lovely pictures.. I would hardly wait to dg into them if they were infront of me now :)

Anupama says: This was my first attempt at hosting an event

I say: Hats off to you.. Its such an amazing roundup! I love the way you took time to write about all those who participated...
Thanks for taking so much efforts! :)

Btw, sweet tooth..ummmmmm.. not me.. my better half! :)

FH said...

Sorry I missed the deadline, will do next time!:)
Kathi rolls look gorgeous.
Elle.. blog is not opening.

zlamushka said...

These rolls look so great. Just like Mexican burritos, gotta try one.
But most of all, I loved the carrot belt. what an idea...

I also wanted to thank you for letting me participate your event. Cookign for you has been a lot of fun.

Suganya said...

Nice round up....Ur paneer tikka kathi rolls is looks colourful

Latha said...

Hey Anupama,
Had no clue this event was going on! I'm just out of sorts-been really hard to keep track of the many events :-)
The tikka rolls look groovy! very creative photography!
All the entries look good!
Hope u guys had a fun picnic ;-)

Padma said...

HI Anupama, that was a superb round-up and yes we now have a blog reference for those unique recipes for picnic...and those panner rolls look awesome....great job!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Wow! What a great collection of recipes. Iliked your kathi rolls very much!
But I have a complaint anupama, you have not said a word on my entry.
Nupur is right, I too could'nt get to lazzat.

Anu said...

Hi Anupama!

The round up looks great!!I wnat to try ur paneer tikka kathi rolls.
Sorry, I missed the round -up deadline.
Will participate next time!


J said...

Great ideas here. Loved the paneer rolls!

Mansi said...

Hey Anupama, great roundup...just makes me want to ditch my work today, grab some of these dishes and go hiking to a waterside trail and enjoy all this food!!!!

And your paneer Tikka Rolls rock!!!

btw, not that its too imp, but I spell my name as "Mansi" and not "Manasi" :)

Suganya said...

Thats one elaborate picnic, ain't it? Am sorry that I was not able to participate. Can't seem to find time to squeeze everything.

Yr tikka is an absolute beauty.

Mrs. K said...

Neat presentation. Both the roundup and your panner tikka rolls...
Didn't even know about this event until now..:(

Jyothi said...

Hi Anupama! great roundup. yours paneer tikka kathi rolls looks delicious. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing dear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the roundup. The paneer rolls are really mouth-watering. Thanks for those wonderful words and your perspective on all the blogs. That really makes us all feel very good.

Anupama said...

Madhuli: That was just a spur of the moment idea. Even I was very happy with the way it turned out.

Nupur: Glad you enjoyed it. I have redone the links that were not working. Only one of them has a problem now. Working on that one.

Anupama: Thanks It was worth all the effort.

Srivalli: Thanks a ton.

Lakshmi: Thanks and Yes I have checked the links and they seem to be going ok now. It was my impatience to publish the post that caused this.

Hey Raaga: Nice to see your smiley face again . Glad you like the round-up. You all made it a great success.

Nags: Yes it did take a bit long but I wanted to do it because I knew you all would appreciate it. Nags I am still trying to figure out what I have done wrong in typing your link,because it refuses to open your blog. But don't worry I correct it. This event was a one-off but I will have events in the future as soon as I come up with agood idea.

Mishmash: Thanks. A small but cute idea isn't it?

Rajitha, I knew the personal touch would definitely appeal and reading your comment has made it really worthwhile.

Coffee: Thanks. Would love to have an entry from you too next time.

Bhags:Thanks so much

Laavanya: Thanks .Those bread rolls are to die for.

Arts: Your way of commenting really had me grinning from ear to ear. Thanks so much. A round-up can be good only if you have nice things to round-up and that was well provided by all of you.

Asha: Yes I am sorry too that you could not be part of it. But definitely next time. Elle opening now.

Zlamushka: The pleasure was all mine. Thanks for a great entry.

Sukanya: Thank you very much.

Latha: Thanks .Yes there are a lot of events going on right now. But you are most welcome to join the picnic.

Padma: Thanks so much . Its always a pleasure sharing recipes with all my blog friends.

Latha N: Thank you and so sorry I have not written about your recipe. I promise you I will do the needful immediately. I have fixed the Lazzat link now.

Anu: There's already one Anu on top and you are the second and I am the third.I must go to your blog now and get to know you. Thanks and yes you can participate the next time

Jyothsna: Thank you and do try those rolls.

Mansi : Thanks to you too as you have played a big role in the round-up with your 3 entries. And yes ofcourse it is imp how others spell your name. Correction made.LOL

I can completely understand Suganya. I myself feel like participating in all the events going on but it's simply not possible. There will be a next time.

RP : Thank you so much. It was a time consuming process but worth every bit of it.

Pravs said...

Lovely round up. Very well done.Liked the small description you gave about me and my blog. Thanks for letting me be a part of this event.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anupama,
Beautiful presentation ,mouthwatering list of recipes and paneer tikka looks delicious.
Missed picnic this time, will definitely take part next time.

Finla said...
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Finla said...

Excelent paneer rolls
How come i tend to mistt all these events.

Dori said...

I love that carrot and clove tie around the rolls!!!

Roopa said...

lovely roundup :) excellent entries now for picnics i know where to look for :)

Priyanka said...

Anupama, those are quite some great entries.... such lovely ideas for a picnic hamper and the paneer tikka kathi rolls are very tempting. i will try them out but first will try out your surlichya wadis..

Anupama said...

Pravina, It was a pleasure. I just loved doing it.

Madhu, Thank you for coming over for the Round-up. And yes there will be future events that's for sure.

Happy Cook, Happens to me too quite a lot of times.

Meeso: Thankyou

Roopa: Do come over again and again. You are most welcome

Priyanka: Do try out the Suralichya wadya. They are a breeze.

Amna said...

Lovely ,lovely recipe ,wonderful idea and a very quick fix meal too!Its easy and all the items are always present in anyone's kitchen I think its a great treat when you just want to cook in about 30 minutes..I say :))

Swapna said...


I have made these kathi rolls two times in the past one month. I loved them. I made these rolls for my parents
Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

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Unknown said...

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