Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My First Attempt as a Food Event Hostess and 7 Random Facts About Me.

My blog is more than a year old now and in this year I have enjoyed participating in several interesting food events . Taking part in an event is something I really look forward to ,but now I think the time is right for me to host one myself. I finally feel confident enough to do so. So here's what it is about.

Summer this year in England is still struggling to make it's presence felt. What with the torrential rains and floods in so many parts of UK people are really wondering what a normal month of July feels like every year. But there is still hope . The weather is looking up and the worst of the rains are over . I am sure soon all the parks and countryside greens are going to be filled with people taking in as much sun as they can and enjoying themselves to the fullest while it lasts .Delicious picnic hampers will be filled with the most scrumptious of foods . So come on friends out with your best PICNIC FOOD RECIPES and lets all have our own picnic too.

Blog about any such food or drink that is suitable to carry on a picnic and which children and grown-ups all can enjoy. It could be absolutely anything you like . Sandwiches, wraps, smoothies anything. Blog about it by 15th of August and send me a mail along with the permalink to your post .In your mail also include the name of your blog, name of your recipe and a picture if possible.
Readers without their own blogs are also most welcome to participate. Just mail me your recipes along with a photo attached if you have one. My mail ID is

So waiting to hear from all of you. Guys this is my first attempt so if I have forgotten to give you any other details jut let me know. Please feel free to use any one of the logos below in your post with the caption Fun in the Sun.

Fun in the Sun

And while you are here would you like to know me a bit better? If your answer is YES then read on and know 7 random facts about me.

When Nabeela tagged me for this meme, my first reaction was 7 is too many. Do I really have those many things that I can easily share with everyone. I wanted to do this meme ,but I could not come up with any such facts. Then I spoke to my husband about it and he promptly had 7 facts about me. In fact some of the things he pointed out were quite funny and some I did not agree with. I was like " No , I don't do that." or "What ! Ofcourse I am not like that ". And this after 10 years of marriage. But atleast it got me started.

So here they are:

1. In my daily routine I set the alarm in my mobile phone at least at 4/5 different times in the whole day. Wondering what I am talking about ? Well ,you see we all carry out our daily tasks in accordance with the clock. So instead of me having to go and check the clock every few mins , I just set an alarm, so the clock itself reminds me as to what time it is and what I should be doing then. Still not clear. Let me elaborate further: The first alarm I set is for my son to wake up. The second is for him to finish his breakfast and come up to get dressed. The third is set at 10 mins before it is time for us to leave for school. He needs those 10 mins to put on his socks and shoes and collect his bookbag and lunch case. The 4th alarm is set 15 mins before the time I go to collect him from school. This comes particularly handy when I go grocery shopping and have my hands full with bags and stuff and cannot keep looking at the wrist watch. As soon as the alarm goes off I know its time to leave whatever I am doing and go pick him up.

This alarm system works particularly well for me when I am expecting guests for lunches or dinners and I need to get things done absolutely on time. My alarm goes off 1 hour before the guests are expected and it is my cue to finish up in the kitchen and go upstairs to get ready myself. Sounds wierd ? Well it works for me.

2. I enrolled for a correspondence course about 4 months back and made the mistake of telling many people about it. And now I realise how difficult it is to stay motivated and study at home and there are times when I wish I hadn't taken it up, but all these family members and friends who know about it keep asking me (with all good intentions) when I will finish the course and get my diploma and there is no way out for me now. And now I hope they don't read this.

3. I love my son's soap bubble gun so much that a few days back when I was tidying up the house after he had gone to school I saw the gun lying in the backyard I could not resist blowing bubbles with it and I admit I had a great time doing it. Initially I kept looking here and there just to make sure than none of my neighbours were watching me but then then I thought "Let them watch if they want to " I was enjoying myself too much to care.

4. My favourite comfort food is my breakfast cereal Kelloggs Special K, which I can eat at any time of the day (or night). I will really miss it when I go back to India. I hope I don't get any withdrawal symptoms.Once or twice I have even eaten it in bed after everybody had gone to sleep and I suddenly had hunger pangs.

5. I hate any kind of Kheers . Just the thought of vermicelli or rice or wheat or sweet potato cooked in rice and in addition dry fruits added to it in abundance makes me sick.

6. Whenever we get a new batch of photographs developed from the lab ,I quickly go thru all the photos before any one else can and remove all those photos of mine which I think are horrible. Once or twice I have even torn a couple of them. I am so touchy about it.

7. I love to eat candy floss and eat it with great pleasure whenever I go to any fun-fair and mind you I don't share it with anyone.

For this meme I'll tag: Nupur, Suganya and Priyanka


Suganya said...

Nice to read ur MEME

Athika said...

It was lovely to read your meme and a good idea of keeping an alarm throughout the day that might help to get things done on time. Thanks

Nupur said...

It was fun reading your meme: the bubble gun sounds like a wonderful moment of child-like delight in a busy adult life!
I would love to participate in your event: it sounds like fun! Will place a link to it on my "food blog events" list.

Priya said...

Thats nice theme you have come up with Anupama for the first event. I am surely going to try making something for it. And it was a fun meme too...I do make use of the phone alarm occasionally but you have given me soo many idead :)) and the bubble gun does sound fun...it India we would buy small plastic bottles of soap liquid and a plastic stick with a loop to blow bubbles from..., I guess you know what I'm talking about ;) It was sooo much fun :)

Unknown said...

That was a real down to earth meme...that thing about the correspondence course had me nodding in agreement...and the bubble gun - too cute and also the photo sneaking - have done that loads in the non digital camera days, now its just quickly hitting the DELETE key LOLLLLLLLL

Am surely in for the event

Priyanka said...

Anupama, it was a fun meme to read-especially the part about alarms, bubble gun and pictures. I totally understand how difficult it is to study after you have a family. I just got married last year and am finishing up my doctor of pharmacy-phew- i cant tell you how frustrated i am- 2 more years to go- i cant wait to finish- and especially after i have started blogging- i dont know what i will do when school starts mext week.

By the way- a great food event. Will surely participate.

J said...

Reading your meme, I thought my hubby too would have pointed out such things about me I never thought of, esp the studies and photo bit!! Nice knowing you :)

Sia said...

so i am not gonna get even small piece of candy floss from u? he he he... very cute meme anu. i enjoyed reading it. and for ur event let me see if i can come up with something:)

Arts said...

hey Anupama,
thx for leaving a comment n leading me to ur blog.. am sure in for this event!
was nice to know u thru ur meme...
I agree wit u abt the studies thing.. I am getting back to studies next month after a break of 3 yrs :D god knows who'll take care of me n my blog then ;)

Mansi said...

Hi Anupama,

You have a nice blog here, truly East Meets West!! I have a food-related blog too, but not just recipes. would u like to put my blog on your site?? I've already added yours to mine at http://funnfud.blogspot.com



Raaga said...

sure I'd love to participate. In fact, I made something yesterday that would be just perfect. Will post it soon and send it in as an entry!!


Raaga said...

am sending mine in!!

Srivalli said...

anupama...very nice meme to read...enjoyed it...thanks for sharing...


Anonymous said...

That was fun....nice MeMe; blowing bubbles out of the gum, that must have been exciting...:)
I can ahve the chocos, the chocolate flavour in kellogs....

FH said...

Hi Anupama, just came to know about this event, will put it in my blogs.Too late for me to send any this month,will next time!
Cute son in the Sun!:)
Loved the MeMe, enjoy the Sunshine before the clouds covers them up!;D

Latha Narasimhan said...

Your house must be really noisy in the mornings with so many alarms!:))

I will definitely take part in your event.

Nice to read your meme!

Padma said...

I am new to your blog and already hooked up so much. It was nice reading your MEME, guess it time for me to set the alarm as well, coz I am lil slow n late in getting things done.. and a very nice event you have hosted but sadly I could not participate in it...will definitely join in next time..

Anu said...

Hey Anu. Very nice meme :-) The soap bubble gun and candy floss is so like me also...Your alarm is a good idea which i might start using too..And by the way, I have some good news for u...U do get Kellog's special K in India now :-)) So u need not worry!!

Sreelu said...


Nice to know you thru your meme, you have a nice blog going here

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Dominick Southam said...

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