Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It is Kobichi Wadi !

Nupur's guess was the first and it hit the nail on the head. It is Kobichi Wadi or Steamed Cabbage and chickpea cakes if I may call it that in english. Many of you did guess that it had something to do with besan or chickpea flour. I really enjoyed the game.
For the recipe its almost the same as that of kothimbir wadi which I have already posted. But I'll share it with you again .
4 cups chopped fresh coriander,
1 cup besan (chickpea flour)
1/2 cup wholewheat flour ,
1/2 cup semolina,
1.5 tspn chilli powder,
1 tspn salt ,
1/2 tspn turmeric powder,
1 tspn sesame seeds,
1 tspn powdered fennel seeds (saunf) ,
1/2 tspn sugar,
2 tblspn oil
Procedure :
Mix all the above ingredients and form a dough by adding very little water at a time ,
If you find the mixture too sticky just oil your palms well and then handle the dough,
You can divide the dough into 2 or 3 portions,
Shape them into elongated logs and place them in an oiled steel vessel . (Imp Tip: Just in case you add too much water and you cannot form elongated logs simply turn out the batter into an oiled steel vessel ,one in which you normally cook dal or rice in the cooker and spread it out evenly),
Pressure cook this mixture for the same duration as you would for dal and rice,
Let the cooker cool down a bit and then open it,
Also let the steamed dough cool,
After it has cooled completely cut it into slices as thick or thin as you want,
Heat some oil on a tawa(griddle) and shallow fry these pieces (Wadis).
If you are on a diet eat these wadis without shallow frying them and only steamed. They can be eaten as a snack with tea or as part of an entire meal.


Nupur said...

kobichi wadi?

Tee said...

I know I am wrong, but this reminds me of 'Patwadi' which is made from besan...

Suganya said...

At first look, I thought it is tofu.. But looks like besan or dal..

Raji said...

wadi with besan or chana dal at my first look

Nabeela said...

semolina halva? potato cakes?

TheCooker said...

Like Tee, this looks like paatwadi to me too.

sana said...

looks like something made from cooked rice

Coffee said...

Some kind of a dhokla which is cooked over a tava!!! ??

Mamatha said...

Some kind of a rice cake with crust (tahdeeg).


Raaga said...

Paatwadi or a kothmir wadi kind of thing with onions :)

ushaprashanth said...

No Idea!!! But I think it is made of besan as suganya said! will wait..

Sia said...

fried dhokla or some wadi?

Anupama said...

Isn't it amazing how we all just love the guessing game. I mean I always get double the number of comments when I play it. I am enjoying reading all the guesses so much that I'll wait a few more hours and then share the recipe.

radhika said...

Hi Anupama, I am radhika here, south Indian lady aksing for the sheera recipe at the cricket match. do you know that i regulary check your recipes. I have just tried cabbage wadi and guess what they came exactly as you snapped them.

thank you so much for sharing your recipes.

Anupama said...

Hi radhika,
Sorry I did not read your comment till now and hence the delay in responding. As for the Mango I make it like ordinary sheera but with three cups of milk for one cup of semolina and at the last stage I add 1 cup of tinned mango pulp. If you let me know your email id I'll mail you the recipe

Anonymous said...

where is the cabbage in kobichi wadi???

Anonymous said...

Where is the cabbage in the recipe? When is it added?