Friday, May 04, 2007

Kothimbir Wadi (Steamed Coriander Cakes)

This is again one of those recipes which I have blogged about before but feel like reviving because they are so delicious and absolutely deserve an second round of applause. So here's presenting Maharashtra's traditional favourite Kothimbir Wadi


4 cups chopped fresh coriander,
1 cup besan (chickpea flour)
1/2 cup wholewheat flour ,
1/2 cup semolina,
1.5 tspn chilli powder,
1 tspn salt ,
1/2 tspn turmeric powder,
1 tspn sesame seeds,
1 tspn powdered fennel seeds (saunf) ,
1/2 tspn sugar,
2 tblspn oil

Procedure :

Mix all the above ingredients and form a dough by adding very little water at a time (do not add too much water or the whole thing will turn soggy and you will start hating me).

If you find the mixture too sticky just oil your palms well and then handle the dough.

You can divide the dough into 2 or 3 portions. Shape them into elongated logs.

Now oil a steel vessel (one which you can place inside your pressure cooker) and put all the portions of the dough in it.

Pressure cook this mixture for the same duration as you would for dal and rice.

Let the cooker cool down a bit and then open it. Also let the steamed dough cool. After it has cooled completely cut it into slices as thick or thin as you want.

Heat some oil on a tawa(griddle) and shallow fry these pieces (Wadis).

Serve hot garnished with fresh coriander and freshly grated coconut.

If you are on a diet eat these wadis without shallow frying them and only steamed.

They can be eaten as a snack with tea or as part of an entire meal. Follow the same procedure and measures but replace the coriander with fresh methi (fenugreek) or shredded cabbage for equally scrumptious variations of this dish


Sreelu said...


Wada's look delicious, I love kothimbir vada's my mom adds cucumber to these

Lata said...

I've heard about this from many Maharastrians. I should try this. You made nice shapes, how did you do that?

Coffee said...

The ever famous maharashtrian snack!!!!!! I love it!!!

Sia's Corner said...

never heard of these or seen these before... usually we dont put the weight on cooker lid when we steam cook idli. so is it the same way for these wadi's too?

DEEPA said...

wow !!!! straight from mumbai ...something different and delicious one man ....thks for sharing

Reena said...

never had this one. food blogging is teaching me a new recipe everyday.

TheCooker said...

Wadya pharach chaan disat aahet!


Tamil Recipes said...

I love coriander.. I am going to give this a try ...With or without weight on the pressur cooker ??

Pls clarify

nalini said...

A very appealing recipe! I am on a diet and so am always hungry!!:-)) will definitely try this different recipe.

Roopa said...

wow yummy! love these wadis looks so tempting

Anupama said...

Sreelu, Thanks. We call these wadis because they are not batter fried like wadas or pakodas.

Lata, Shape the dough like a log and then steam it. So when you cut a cross-section slice it gets this shape automatically.

I love them too Coffee

Supriya thats a good query. I normally pressure cook them with the weight on the cooker lid . Have never tried it without the weight. I think because of the chickpea flour its better to cook it with the weight on so that it cooks absolutely thoroughly .

No Deepa, its straight from Pune ha ha ha!!!!

Yes Reena, I too have become a more adventurous cook since I started blogging

Thankyou barakaa TC. Tujha blog baghaaylaa jaate aata

Dear Tamil recipes: I have clarified about the weight with Supriya. Do give it a try .

Thanks Nalini, Join the club of ever hungry dieters of which I am the founder member

Thanks Roopa. Hope you try them out.

Menu Today said...

Hi Anupama,
I am going to try this for RCI. Nice looking vadis. Thanks for sharing.

Sreelu said...


I truly did not know that there is a difference between wadis and wada's. Thanks for the clarification

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey, visiting your blog for the first time... You have a gr8 one!! And the Wadi looks delicious!! :)

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...


Nirmala said...

I made the kothimbir wadis with a little change. I added goda masala to it.
The wadis came out good, but I think pressure cooking the dough kind of made it a bit hard. Next time I'll try steaming it.
Thanks for ur recipies.

Anonymous said...


Thax for this rare recipe. Canu tell me if u have wadi or mangodi recipe in whichwe can make n store for later use. i mean i know the sundried but here the climate not good so if we can make in oven or directly deepfry and keep for weeks or months for later use in curry or sabzi . thanx in advance