Thursday, February 01, 2007

Finally I am blogging again.

Yeah! I have finally managed to get myself into the mood for blogging. After my 3 week break I was feeling a bit lazy and to accompany that I fell ill as soon as I got back to UK. Nothing serious just that the cold weather came as a shock after the mild temperatures in Pune. Well I am OK now and almost feel human again. It was very sweet of all of you to enquire about my health and thanks for all the " Get Well Soons" that I recieved. I think it has also intrigued some of you when I mentioned that my holiday turned out to be Medical Tourism. Well let me quickly explain why I said that. I won't go into too much detail as we do have so many other pleasant things to talk about ,don't we?

Well here goes. When I went to India I had a fair enough idea about what I needed to get done on a high priority basis and that was a small surgery that my son needed . It was something similar to removal of tonsils. So as soon as we got there we started the rounds of ENT specialists. Then came the x-rays ,the blood tests, the courses of antibiotics before the surgery,getting acquainted with hospital procedures and a hundred other things. The only comforting part was that my little one was the bravest little boy I have ever known. Not a single tear was shed through the entire process. After we got past that surgery , I had to visit the dentist for a week which needless to say was not a very pleasant experience. So most of the 3 weeks were spent in visiting doctors, lab-technicians, radiologists and chemists. So you see thats the reason why I call it medical tourism. All said and done I was thoroughly impressed with the medical facilities we got back home and the amount of things we managed to get done in such a short time. Hats off to our medical industry.

Well now its been a week since I got back and I haven't yet cooked anything thats worth blogging about. But I thought I would use this opprtunity to post a few photos of food that I have cooked in the past inspired from other blogs. I have meaning to post these photos for some time now, but there was always some or the other recipe that I wanted to blog about first.

Well the first one is Crispy Dosa that I made by following a recipe posted on Saroj's Cookbook. The dosa's were fab.

The second creation is my all -time favourite Sabudana Khichadi which I was inspired to make after seeing a fantastic photo of Khichadi posted by Jyotsna on her blog Cook's Cottage. Thank you Jyotsna.

The third is not cooked food but its this delicious fruit called Persimmon or Sharon Fruit which I bought and ate for the first time this autumn. It is the most delicious fruit I have eaten after alphonso mangoes. To this I thank three people 1. Vaishali of Happy Burp for having ones mentioned it to me and encouraged me to try it. 2. Ashwini of Food For Thought for creating a post called Fruit of The Fall. and thirdly 3. Meeta of Whats for Lunch Honey for her post of Persimmon Spice Cake. Thanks all of you

And last but definitely not the least are these yummilicious Coconut Pineapple Fairy Cakes I made following a recipe posted by Vaishali on Happy Burp. Its unbelievable that such delicious cakes can be made by following a recipe on the back of a sugar pack. We must start taking these recipes more seriously.


Pavani said...

Hi Anupama, Glad to know that you are feeling better now. Your son is such a wonderful little soldier, no tears for a tonsil's operation is quite something. Great to see you blogging again.

Coffee said...

Good to knwo you are feeling good now!!!!

When I go back to India, one week saying hello to all the doctors is my first priority!!! I somehow feel a bit secure there..... dont know why!!!!

The dishes look great!!!! especially the dosa...... I can see that its nice and crisp from the way light is shining on it. :)

Sumitha said...

Anu hope he is all fit and fine now.What a brave little boy he is!Can i ask you his name Anu!
The dosa looks so good!

Seema said...

Glad to know that you and your son are done with the doctors for now and are doing fine. Loved the pictures specially the dosa. I am on my way to saroj's cookbook for the recipe of this crisp dosa.


Suma Gandlur said...

I just love the pictures of dosas and those cakes. Want to have a bite.

TRS said...

HI Anupama, welcome back.....hope all's well..The pineapple cakes look really good...! I must try those!

Take care,Trupti

Anupama said...

Thanx Pavani, It is great to be back on the blog track.

Hey Coffee, I felt the same in India. Very secure. I guess you can take a person out of India but you cannot take India out of a person.

Hi Sumi , Been so long since I spoke to you. My son's name is Devashish.

Hi Seema,Thanx for dropping by.

Suma, I am making those cakes again very soon. Maybe you should send me your address.

Trupti, Do try the cakes. They are effortless

Revathi said...

good to see u back. i can literally see the crispiness of hte dosa.. tempting spread!

Vaishali said...

Hi Anupama,
All of them are lovely pictures. And hey, thanks for all the credit. *bows*
Btw, that invitation card looks familiar. Lemme did I see it...???...ummm....

Latha said...

Hi Anupama,
MY first time here! Hope you're feeling better! I know the feeling, expecially after u come back form India.
Your pictures look awesome and all the recipes look delicious. Sabudana Khichdi is our all-time favorite too. The Pineapple fairy cakes look yummy too.
Hope u can get back to blogging full time :-)

Jaya said...

Dear Anupama,
Coming to your lovely blog first time , lovely pics and delicious recipes...for me dosa is all time fav ...Its good to see you back , blessings to your son , may he recover fast ..
hugs and smiles

sailaja said...

Welcome back, Anupama. Glad that all went off well at home and your lil fella is a brave kid..:)

Those food pics are simply awesome!

Sia's corner said...

oh u r back:) glad that ur medical tourism went without any hitch:) ur little price is really brave. even i was on sick leave for 1 week when i came bk last month.
oh before i forget, lovely snaps anu. take care and post recipes when u feel better.

Anupama said...

Hi Revathi, Its feela great to interact again with you all. I kept thinking about all the blogs that I visit regularly when I was in India.

you desrved the credit. So did you remember where you have seen the invite or "Patrika" before?

Welcome to my blog Latha. I hope i can post something interesting very soon too.

Jaya, you are welcome to my blog. Thanks for all the compliments and for your good wishes too.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment Sailaja.

Are you feeling better again Supriya. Thanks for dropping by.

Krithika said...

Welcome back.
Pics look gorgeous. Crispy dosas, sabudana khichdi and that pineapple cakes ... wow.


Hope everything is back to normal now. How is your little one,the bravest little boy son doing?

My brother, sister and myself have undergone through major surgeries during our school days. Something heridiatery and very rare.

Linda said...

Awesome..checking out Indian food blogs..and they amaze me each day...thanx for all ur recipes. Havea great time blogging and do peep into
my blog!!

Sumitha said...

Hi Anu Tu kasa Aahe?

Bhargavi said...

Good to hear that u and ur little one are doing good.
Nice pictures!

Anupama said...

Thanx Krithika.

Welcome to my blog Harekrishnaji. Yes my son is fine now. Thank you very much.

Hi Linda, I will see you at your blog right now.

Sumi are you taking Marathi lessons? Wel keep it up. I am fine . Just hope I get back to active blogging soon

Hi bhargavi, i think I'll drop by at your blog now.

Meeta said...

Hi Anu, Great to see you are back. Your son is a real trooper.
I had to smile when I read your bit about the Persimmon. Look forward to the next Fall season. LOL! Look forward to hearing about your trip.

mandira said...

Anupama - glad to see you are back. Will look forward to hearing more about your trip. You son is really brave, little solder. :)

Jeena said...

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