Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Meals from Leftovers :3 Idli Upma

Idli Upma, originally uploaded by Anupama 72.

Continuing with my Meals from Leftovers series this is one of my favourites. Idlis are a firm favourite in my house, so it is very rare that they are leftover. Normally there is a tussle between the three of us as to who will get the last idli. So I was particularly thriled yesterday when I saw that 6 idlis were left untouched .I always make this deliciously spicy upma from the leftover idlis. To make this I used :

6 idlis crumbled coursely (one day old), 1tspn mustard seeds, 1 pinch asafoetida, 2 dry red chillies, 2 tspn urad dal, 3 to 4 fresh curry leaves, 3 tspn oil, 1/2 tspn sugar, salt to taste, 1 tspn lemon juice (optional), corainder to garnish.

  • Heat the oil in a pan add the mustard seeds. When they begin to splutter, add the asafoetida, the urad dal, the curry leaves and the red chillies. Fry all this for a few seconds tiil the urad dal turns golden. Add to this the crumbled idlis, salt, sugar and lemon juice. Toss it all well. Garnish with plenty of fresh chopped coriander. This upma goes very well with any leftover sambar that you might have or curds. Optional items that you can add are peanuts or green peas. Both of which I did not have yesterday.
  • Serve very hot immediately. Another very good lefover idli recipe is here


Anonymous said...

Great idea for leftover Idlis.It is somewhat like Sailu's Rice rava upma but with Urad dal in it:) I had some idlis last week.I will try next time.

Anonymous said...

Anupama, that's a real good idea.
When I have some left over idlis, i just cut them in 4 pieces and deep fry them, kids love them. but rather than deep frying, I think upma is the best.
Thanks for the recipe.

rooma said...

Great idea Anupama..... And that means that I have to make extra idli's now :P Thanks for such a wonderful recipe. :)

bhargavi said...

Idli left overs are very rare thing in our house. If left over then we either do idli upma or we deep fry the idli(cut into small cubes)and add salt and red chilli powder to the deep fried ones.
Good day!

Anonymous said...

wish i had some idlis now.i never seem to have leftovers idlis:(.
thanks for ur sweet comment. i was also lazy to read to my son but now my hub and i fight over who is to read to him. i guess he will soon throw us out of his room. my email id is

Monisha said...

I'll have to remember this recipe when I have leftover Idli's, doesn't happen that often :) though, looks great!

Anonymous said...

Anupama,idliupma looks great.My version of idli upma is almost same except with the addition of little coconut.

Ashwini said...

Anupamabai you continue to present excellent recipes :-D
I was just drooling over the sheera and now this!
Loooove both

Anupama said...

Asha, Do try it. Its delicious and very quick to make.

Lakshmi, You know fried idlis is something I adore but these days everyone is so calorie conscious that deep frying cannot be a part of your daily life. So you find other options which taste good too

Rooma, Thanks and yes make some extra idlis next time

Bhargavi, All this mention of fried idlis is really making me long for some.

Shaheen, I'll send you those photos very soon. Sorry for the delay

Monisha, Yeah most of the times thats the problem . No leftover idlis. So maybe we should remove some from the rest and keep them aside before everyone starts devouring the idlis

Surya, Yes fresh coconut would be really great.

Ashwini, I feel like a 50 year old with the "bai" tag. You know like someone who has a "Gharguti" catering business. LOL

Vaishali said...

I'd like to know what that red drink is. It looks like a good accompaniment to Idli Upma.

Mahek said...

thanks a lot for the recipe
you have a wonderful blog and i am going to read it whole/

Anupama said...

Hey vaishali, You know that red drink is THE most amazing juice I have had. Its Sainbury's Apple-Rasberry-Grape juice. Its just yum amd very refreshing.

Thank you Mahek

Menu Today said...

Hi Anupama,
Your sheera and idli upma looks nice. I too follow the same procedure.Thanks for sharing.

Sanjana said...


Great idea with left over idlis. Simple recipe and thanks for sharing the same. I make extra idlis just to make this yuuummmmy thayir idlis:

fanatika said...

Today's lunch was quite literally on you. Thanks a lot, upma never tasted better. :)