Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Coconut Cream Barfi (Jihva for Ingredients: Coconut)

It was my idea that my posts during Christmas would be my last ones before leaving for India on my holiday, but Ashwini's event with Coconut as the chief ingredient was too good to miss. So I had to do it. This recipe has been on my mind since I saw Coconut Burfi-Fudge made by Saffronhut. Her photos were so tempting that I knew I had to make them. When I made these I did not follow her recipe but just used whatever was available at home and in whatever quantities . The result was not as picturesque as hers but taste gorgeous.
What I used:
2 cups grated frozen coconut,
1.5 cups sugar,
1/2 cup double cream,
1 tspn cardammom powder,
1 generous pinch saffron
  • Heat a heavy bottom pan
  • Mix the first 3 ingredients in the pan and cook on a gentle flame till the mixture begins to get dry at the edges. This takes about 25 mins,
  • After the mixture starts moving along with the spatula switch off the heat and add the cardammom powder and the saffron strands mixed in a small amount of warm milk.
  • Stir well and immediately turn out this mixture onto a greased tray and spread it evenly.
  • Mark out the barfi pieces. Let cool and then cut out the pieces.
  • Decorate with slivers of almonds


Ashwini said...

Anu mouth watering entry. Thanks so much for taking the time to participate in JFI before you leave. Happy holidays and have a wonderful and safe trip back home.

Seema said...

Anupama, this burfi looks gorgeous too. My mouth is already watering lady.
Thanx a bunch for sharing

mandira said...

Anupama- they looks delicious. Happy Holidays and have a wonderful trip.

Neelu said...

Anu- They look fantabulous ! I love sweets n cococnut burfi is one of my fav- dont u use khawa/khoya in that ?

jacob said...

thanks for the recipe!

Sanjana said...

Awesome recipe and thanks for sharing the same. This is the recipe of how I prepare Coconut burfi

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