Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hurray!!! I got my parcel.

Homemade Preserves

>Got back from a fantastic trip to Switzerland just last night, and was feeling a bit low because the fun was over and the old routine had to begin but what I did not know till I reached my door step was that the fun was not over. Because there on my doorstep sat this brown parcel with my name on it and I knew at once what it was. Yes it was my EBBP parcel . Thank you Sara (from Kitchenpantry ) for sending me these delicious homemade preserves .All the bottles were in perfect condition thanks to your great packing. Yes guys they are all made by Sara herself. And she has sent me 5 different delicious varieties.
They are:

1.Marmellata di nespole or Medlar Jam
2. Marmellata di Pere or Pear Jam (I have already tasted it. Its Heavenly)
3. Marmellata di limoni e pompelmi or Lemon and Grapefruit Marmelade
4. Marmellata di cipolle di Tropea or Red Onion Jam(Savoury)
5. Pomodorini Pachino sott'olio con timo e capperi di Pantelleria or Pachino Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive oil with Thyme and Pantelleria capers .(Savoury)

Thank you once again Sara and thanks to you Johanna for hosting this event . Its because of this event that I got this yummy goodies.


Piperita said...

I'm very glad you recieved everything and that you like it!

thepassionatecook said...

what a treat! a colourful array of preserves that might just last you through the winter (if you're not too greedy!)... never heard of Medlar before, what are they?

Hande said...

wow, you've got a great parcel. The tropea onions are very delicious, eat the jam with cheese! And nespole (medlar), I love them fresh, never had as a jam though. They are this dark yellow plum like fruits with brown spots and 3 or 4 huge brown seeds. The flesh is yellow, tart and sweet at the same time. They are ripe march to june, in Turkey we even make a kebab with them - alternatingly one meat ball, one nespole on a skewer, grilled slowly above charchoal....hmmmm...

Anupama said...

Thanks for the inputs Hande.

Foodie's Hope said...

WOW!! nice little package to recieve!! Home made goodies too!! What did you send out, Anupama?

Simonetta said...

I join the chorus and I celebrate with you. I received my pack today!

Andrew said...

What a great array; bet they taste as good as they look.

Hope you can join in the next round of EBBP - looking to run it late Jan/Feb.