Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wow !My First Meme!!!!!

Thanks for tagging me,Vaishali. I was waiting for something like this.

I am thinking about
: how to control my temper.

I said:I would lose some weight before my parent's visit but did not.

I want to
:lose some weight now before my sister's visit in October.

I wish: I resembled my Mom.

I regret
: having been a very bossy elder sister.

I hear
: the floor boards above me creaking as my husband and son walk upstairs.

I am
: a very light sleeper. Get up at twice every night.

I dance
: only to good Hindi Remixes.

I sing: best when I am alone at home.

I cry
: very rarely, but when I do its by the bucketfuls.

I am not: a good trekker. I hate climbing mountains and am terrified of slipping while coming down one.

I am: a very slim person at heart.

I write
: telephone numbers on any paper that is handy and can never find it when I need to call someone.

I confuse: myself and everybody around me when I have to do anything with numbers.

I need
: to remember when my books are due back at the library. Always forget and end up paying fines.

I tag: Aneysha , Meeta, Ashwini and Shilpa


Anyesha said...

Is it okay if I pass on this one...have already done this one.

Vaishali said...

Were you too a bossy elder sister? Then that's a lot of things we have common between us, I guess.
And your sister is visiting you in October? How nice!

Anupama said...

Yes Aneysha, you can pass on this one if you have done it before.

Faffer said...

Anupama, I enjoyed reading your meme. I particularly loved the "I am: a very slim person at heart". Me too - hehehehe.

Anupama said...

Hey Faffer, Nice to know someone who thinks like me. BTw where are you? Checked your blog ,but no recent post. Why?

Ashwini said...

Hey Anu loved reading about you. Thanks for tagging me...will get around to it soon