Monday, September 25, 2006

5 Things I Would LikeTo Eat Before I Die.

Now this one is really difficult. I don't know whether the original post in The Traveler's Lunchbox said 5 things , but I am cutting it down to 5, otherwise the list would be endless. Well here goes:

1. Sweet Suttar Pheni from Chitale Bandhu in Pune: Every Puneite worth his or her salt will know what I am talking about. Its a sweet crispy and a bit sticky preparation which resembles vermicelli somewhat and it is eaten dry or then soaked in some warm milk. Simply divine.This is something my aaji(granny) always got for me when I was a kid and till date I cannot pass the Chitale Bandhu Outlet in the city without buying this item.

2.Sanjyachi Poli: I know all this dishes I am coming up with are terribly Maharastrian and many of you might wonder what I am raving about. But this is food that brings back wonderful memories of childhood. Poli is the marathi term for chapati , but this one is a sweet one made with a stuffing of semolina , sugar and ghee (clarified butter). My mother makes the best ones in the whole world and they are to die for. She makes these every year on my birthday. You have to eat them with lots of melted ghee.

3.Oooh now the next item I just remembered while typing the previous one. Its the heavenly
Sugarcane juice. I am sure even Nectar could not taste so good. I love the Jumbo glass of sugarcane juice they sell at the roadside stalls (gurhaals) and that is the only one that can satisfy my craving.

4. OK by now you all think that I eat only sweet stuff. Well let me prove you wrong. My next must eat food is Pani Puri at Kalpana Bhel and Panipuri Stall near my house in Pune. The concotion that they prepare is incredible. Pop the first pani puri in your mouth and it explodes with taste. Its Sweet/Sour/Hot and Fiery all at the same time. I have eaten it umpteen number of times with my eyes and nose watering due to the fiery spices in it. Its the first thing my husband and I ate on our return to India last year.

5. OK now the Fifth and Final item. Its the last but definitely not the least. And it is
Butter Chicken with soft Tandoori Naan .Yum Yum Yum. For this I do not have any particular venue in mind. It could be any good restaurant serving good Butter Chicken. Its the only non-veg item that I really relish.

Well hope you enjoyed reading all this as much as I enjoyed writing it. for this one I'll tag Nandita, Prema and Monisha


Chandrika said...


You are making my mouth water with your descriptions!! :-)

A very nice meme!

Anonymous said...

You reminded me of the divine sanjhori! Yum! And mhatari che kes!

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Anupama,
sugarcane juice and butter chicken are one of my favourites too. Enjoyed reading ur meme.Thanks for tagging me. But I have already played this meme a couple of days back. playing this meme sure brings our childhood memories..

Asha said...

Butter chicken!! Me too!! Nice to know your cravings!!

Vaishali said...

Sanjyachi Poli? Yum yum... Can I please please be there when your mother makes it for your birthday next? Or shall I just accidentally drop in? ;-)

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

This is one of the most interesting "5 things" lists I've seen.

Certaintly one of the most complicated to cook, too - but that's not a bad thing.