Sunday, August 06, 2006

Crispy Bread Rolls

Friday is the day when all of us look forward to the next two days of rest and leisure, but Friday also brings along with it thoughts about what to prepare for Saturday breakfast. As Saturday is the day to get up late and laze away the morning , cooking is actually something furthermost in my mind, but it is also the day when hubby and son being at home get hungry every 2 hours and need something to chomp on. So this snack is something I prepare and refrigerate on Friday evening. So I have something ready on Saturday without having to toil over the gas hob for hours.Its a snack for all times . Can be eaten for breakfast, or as a light lunch, at teatime or even as a supper with a light soup. It can even be packed for a picnic.

Ingredients needed:

6 Slices wholemeal bread (or any bread of your choice)

For the stuffing:
1 onion chopped finely
2 cloves garlic crushed
1/4 cup french beans finely chopped
1/4 cup green peas boiled
1/2 cup mixed coloured peppers (or just green capsicum if coloured peppers are unavailable)
1/4 cup cheddar cheese grated (optional but really makes the stuffing tastier)
1/4 cup paneer grated (indian cottage cheese) (optional again)
1/4 cup grated carrots
1/4 cup sweet corn kernels
2 to 3 tblspns tomato ketchup. Chilli powder and salt according to taste.

1. Heat the oil and saute the onions and garlic until nice and golden. Add all the other veggies and saute till they are soft, then add the paneer and cheese and gently mix the two with the vegetable mixture. Season with salt ,chilli powder and tomato ketchup as per your taste.The stuffing is ready. You can add chopped hard boiled eggs if you like and non-vegetarians can even add any meat of their choice.
2. Trim the sides of the bread slices and roll each slice with a rolling pin until it is absolutely flat. Shown in pic below

3. Place one tblspn of the mixture in the centre of each slice and roll up the slice. To secure the roll spread a little butter on one edge of the slice and press roll gently so the roll does not open.

4. Prepare all the rolls. If you plan to have them the next day wrap each roll individually in cling film and refrigerate.
5. When you are ready to serve, heat a skillet (Tava), coat it with some oil and roast the rolls, to a golden colour turning them once over. They can also be baked to a crispy finish in an oven at 200 deg C for 15/20 mins.

6. Serve with Ketchup, and mint and coriander chutney. Enjoy your Weekend


tschoerda said...

now there's an idea ... in austria you can not really get this extremely soft type of white bread though. even the "american super sandwich" - style bread is not even close to the soggy original sandwich i have been tasting in britain.

Vaishali said...

That's a great recipe, Anupama. I have a mexican mix of veggies in the freezer (basically green peas, coloured peppers and corn kernels). I think I am gonna use that. And hey, the way you've arranged those rolls...they look gorgeous.

Sumitha said...

Oh its a very good snack,especially wonderful for kids they will love those rolls!The pictures look very good too Anu!

Shyam said...

wow, this sounds lovely! I'm going to make them next week to take on a picnic!

Menu Today said...

Hi Anupama,
Its really inviting.Thanx for sharing.

Neelu said...

wow its sooo tempting nau, Yes I am making this on thur , my SIL is comming with her kids for 4 day vacation and i dont want to feed them poha for 4 days :) hahaha....Do u know nay interesting recipes or even stuffing for this recipe which the kids would enjoy ??
Let me know

Neelu said...

Anu, My SIL has 2 kids one ia 10 yrs and 1 is 5....can u please suggest what kids like o eat because I have absolutely no idea :( And i would like ot make somehting they would like !

Ashwini said...

A lovely arrangement...and this reminds me of the rolls we get in India! Look yum

Anyesha said...

My mom used to make these but in a cutlet shape.These must treat heavenly.

Revathi said...

Neat idea. Easy, filling, and delicious!! Will surely try it out !!

Anupama said...

Yes Vaishali, Mexican mix is idel for these.

Sumi,glad you like the photos,I'm never too sure about them.

Shammi, the rolls taste even better outdoors on a picnic

Its always a pleasure sharing good recipes Menu Today

Neelu, I'll try to mail you some ideas before thurday and where have you been all these days.

Ashwini,Aneysha and Revathi, hope you try them out soon.

surya said...

Nice recipe Anupama.I uasually makes easy pinwheel sandwiches with pickles by using ketchup and butter.This is a good idea and am going to try this weekend itself.After started blogging,I am going through wonderful ideas and recipes.Thanks

Anupama said...

Thanx Surya.

shilpa said...

Anupama, they look just superb. I am going to give it a try soon. Thanks for sharing.

Nabeela said...

Anupama, I've bookmarked the recipe...i specially like the part where I can make them ahead and bake later. Thanks for the recipe.

Anupama said...

Neelu there is no Email id on your site. So mail me and I'll reply back.

Prajakta said...

hi anupama, i used to avoid eating bread roll becoz of its fried version, bt now i can hv baked bread roll any time.surely make it for my potluck menu..thnks for sharing!!!!

Neelu said...

anu my id is :) waiting for ur ideas

Arsu said...

Beautiful Presentation Anupama. Gonna try this one soon.

Manisha said...

Anupama, these look so great and are a lot healthier than my pinwheel sandwiches. You mentioned that you prepare them in advance and cook them later. What do you do to prevent the bread from going soggy?

Anupama said...

Manisha, i have made this rolls several times now and have always made them only one day earlier and the bread has never gone soggy. I guess you need to make the stuffing as dry as possible so no moisture will penetrate.

smartkitten said...

Hi! Anupama you can deep fry these rols [ without being calorie conscious once in a way ]They reallytase yummy.

pinku said...

I'm glad I came across your site for such wonderful lunch menu ideas.
Today I have made these bread roll for my son's lunch. I used the Brownberry Whole Wheat bread and they came out very well.
I think its a great appetizer, snack item.

Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipe.

Mahek said...