Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Humble Coriander


This is definitely one herb that all Indians take for granted. It is available in such abundance in India that you realise its value only when you travel out of India and have to stay in a place where you can buy it only seasonally and that too at a very high price. It has so often happened in India that I have a bunch of coriander lying in the fridge for several days and I do nothing about it and finally it rots and has to be thrown away. Which too I have done without blinking an eyelid. But it is only now that I have started really treasuring it.

So here is one delicious maharashtrian snack with Coriander as the Hero of the Recipe

Kothimbir (Coriander)Wadi


4 cups chopped coriander
2 cups besan (chickpea flour)
1 tblspn wholewheat flour
1.5 tspn chilli powder
1 tspn salt
1/2 tspn turmeric powder
1 tspn sesame seeds
1 tspn powdered fennel seeds (saunf)
1/2 tspn powdered sugar
2 tblspn oil


Mix all the above ingredients and form a dough by adding very little water at a time (do not add too much water or the whole thing will turn soggy and you will start hating me).

If you find the mixture too sticky just oil your palms well and then handle the dough. You can divide the dough into 2 or 3 portions. Shape them into elongated logs. Now oil a steel vessel (one which you can place inside your pressure cooker) and put all the portions of the dough in it.

Pressure cook this mixture for the same duration as you would for dal and rice. (Don't forget to switch on the gas under the cooker or then you will wonder why its taking so long ha ha ha!) .Let the cooker cool down a bit and then open it. Also let the steamed dough cool. After it has cooled completely cut it into slices as thick or thin as you want.

Heat some oil on a tawa(griddle) and shallow fry these pieces (Wadis). Serve hot garnished with fresh coriander and freshly grated coconut.

If you are trying to lose weight eat these wadis without shallow frying them and only steamed. They can be eaten as a snack with tea or as part of an entire meal.


Neelu said...

wonderful recipe ! my ajji adds ginger garlic paste also ! Its one of my fav.

Anupama said...

Thanx Neelu, I like your enthusiasm when you make comments

Sumitha said...

Its so true Anupama I have started to respect food more only after coming here from India.Things like curry leaves,pudina have become the most treasured items here!With 4 cups of coriander required for this dish,this certainly is an expensive dish to make ....:):):)

Anupama said...

Sumitha you can substitute 4 cups of coriander with 2 cups of coriander, 1 cup of kasoori methi and 1 cup chopped spinach. The dish comes out equally tasty.

Manisha said...

Anupama, exactly my sentiments which is why I looked into how to make your herbs last longer!

Your kothimbirichi wadi has me drooling!