Friday, June 30, 2006

Two Must-Reads from Ireland

Hi there everybody. Just read two good books by an Irish author and had to recommend them to you. The authors name is Sinead Moriarty (somehow the first name sounds french to me) and the books are:
1. The Baby Trail
2. A perfect Match

Both the books handle topics like Fertility Treatment and Adoption in a lighter vein. The books are hilarious without being insensitive and I am sure even women who have gone through all that in real life would enjoy these books. The female protagonist of both these books will remind you of our dear Bridget Jones.


Vaishali said...

Oh, I don't think I'll get these here in Germany, Anupama. Neither in the international library nor in book shops. Can you not send your copies to me? ;-)

Anupama said...

Vaishali why don't you come over to England and take the books from me personally. Or else we could both go to Ireland and buy the books from the author herself.